Performance review phrases – Collaboration

Collaboration is a process when a few individuals work together to complete the task successfully. At the interview, many employers test their potential employees in order to find out if they are able to work in collaboration. It means that they will have a higher chance to do a good job. A company that employs workers who have such a characteristic is going to be successful.


  1. Walter is the leader of the group he has created. He gives tasks which are suitable for every of his teammates.
  2. Elisabeth has created a team. She decided that work in collaboration would help to finish the project much faster.
  3. Whenever Marta works in groups, she comes up with amazing solutions that benefit the entire team.
  4. Hayden drives others to exceed common goals. She can make any group more productive.
  5. Gregory is a great leader. He knows how to delegate tasks between subordinates and vastly increases their productivity.
  6. Rachel manages all the teamwork processes with great skills. Her subordinates have been working successfully for many years.
  7. Linda creates strong teams and makes other employees focus on the company’s goals.
  8. Jonathan demonstrates exceptional teamwork. He is interested in the success of the company.
  9. Instead of trying to stand out and doing everything on his own, Peter allows everyone else to use their strengths and work towards the common goal.
  10. Bruce always keeps other members of the team informed of the status of projects that affect them. He can be trusted with any types of group tasks.
  11. When someone on the team is having problems, Cassidy is always there to help.

Exceeds Requirements/More than Satisfactory:

  1. Sebastian helps his co-workers to complete their tasks even if it is not his responsibility.
  2. If Leonardo sees that his co-worker does not keep up with their responsibilities, he always helps them.
  3. Anna has plenty of useful skills but also some weak characteristics. However, she always manages to find a partner who has the needed skills. Together they do all the work very fast and with the highest quality.
  4. Maria understands that exchanging feedback is very important for cooperative work. She regularly organizes team meetings to help employees know their strengths and weaknesses.
  5. Before taking a final decision, Leonardo asks for suggestions from team members and carefully considers their ideas.
  6. Harry is the type of person who brings everyone else in pursuit of common goals.
  7. Jane is enthusiastic about working in groups. She likes to communicate with colleagues.
  8. Quentin is willing to listen to other members of the team. He knows that every opinion is important.
  9. Tom cares that every member of the group gets a part of work which they will do their best.
  10. Natalie gets along great with fellow team members. She manages to keep other employees motivated and productive.
  11. Samantha helps other employees to do their work, even if the boss does not require it.
  12. Vladimir allows every other employee to participate in discussions and never ignores their ideas.

Meets Expectations/Satisfactory:

  1. Jonathan has many different partners for all kinds of work.
  2. Samantha is in good relationships with each of her co-workers. They always help each other when there is a need.
  3. Nathaniel got his co-worker as a partner. They are doing a project together.
  4. Samantha helps new employees to become a part of the team by asking their opinion on various subjects during staff meetings.
  5. Being a fair and honest person, Saul never talks about other members of the team behind their backs.
  6. Tamara easily makes new friends. Other employees like to work in teams with her.
  7. Cecily consistently contributes to the success of the entire group. She understands the importance of teamwork.
  8. Bill has a very friendly demeanor. He maintains good working relationships with other employees.
  9. Matilda assists new members of the team and makes them feel welcome.
  10. When needed, Donald shares his years of experience with younger members of the group.
  11. Aaron does not mind assisting other employees even if it makes him stay at work past his shift.
  12. Harold is friends with the vast majority of the group. He builds a positive work environment.

Provisional/Needs Improvement:

  1. Vladimir does not trust anyone in his group and does most tasks on his own. It hinders the performance and productivity of the entire company. He needs to improve his collaborative skills.
  2. Jack is motivated more for his own goals than those of the team. This affects our company in a negative way.
  3. Rachel is a very skilled professional but she is not willing to share her knowledge with less experienced employees.
  4. Elisabeth is a professional in her field of work, but she does not give advice to other workers.
  5. Mark does not have enough skills for caring out the project and he is not searching for a partner who has them.
  6. Leonardo is a member of a team at his work, but he never performs his tasks as he is supposed to do.
  7. Quentin has little respect for new employees. He criticizes them too often and never takes their ideas seriously.
  8. Emma performs team-assigned tasks not ever effectively and in a timely manner.
  9. Vladimir rarely allows every other employee to participate in discussions and often ignores their ideas.
  10. Gloria does not uses all available methods of communication in order to keep other group members up to date and be aware of their opinions.


  1. Andrey does not want to be a member of a team; he carries out his projects by himself.
  2. A team needed Walter’s help and asked him to join them, but Walter did not want to assist them.
  3. Samantha does not contact other employees and never help them when they ask her to.
  4. Isabella regularly gets offers to become a group member, but she always denies them. Isabella is used to working alone.
  5. Jeremy is not seen as a team player. He rarely shares his thoughts with other employees and does not care about common goals.
  6. Samantha has worked against team goals on many occasions. She has to start demonstrating more interest in the success of the company.
  7. Harry fails to coordinate the work of his team. He is a terrible leader who cannot keep subordinates productive.
  8. Other employees hate to work in groups with Arnold because he often points fingers and shifts blames on his colleagues. He has to be fired unless he changes his attitude.
  9. Bruce ignores opinions of other members of the group. He prefers to do things his own way even if it is unproductive. It seriously damages the effectiveness of the entire team.
  10. Natalie has no idea how to make her team more cooperative. She often organizes group meetings but they are not useful at all.

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