Performance review suggestions

A performance review is an annual evaluation of an employee’s achievements, goals and work habits. These assessments help companies make modifications to increase productivity and improve employee efficiency. Some individuals welcome this opportunity as a chance to receive much-earned acclamation; reviews can lead to salary increases and promotions. To others, reviews invoke nothing but dread. Employee reviews can be beneficial to all personnel as an opportunity to get on the same page and move forward.

Start Positive

  • You should always enter into an employee-review meeting with a positive attitude. Keep in mind that some supervisors dread giving evaluations as much as you do receiving them. If you start with the frame of mind that the meeting is an opportunity for both parties to improve relations, then you can set the tone for a good interaction. If you come in appearing defensive, you may evoke a negative response from your supervisor. If she feels you are not open to suggestion she may overdo the harshness of her message in an effort to break through to you.

Evaluate Yourself First

  • You should perform a review of yourself before you receive your formal one. You know best what you have achieved and how efficiently you did so. You don’t want items overlooked that you are proud of; by the same token, be prepared to hear about what you may have struggled with. Come in with a list of accomplishments as well as an assessment of where you could have improved. You should also create a set of new goals to strive for in the future and compare them with what your supervisor envisions for you. Make sure that you and your supervisor are clear on what your job description is. For example, if you were hired for one task but have taken on additional jobs in an effort to help others out, you don’t want to be evaluated on how well you performed the new jobs. These areas were not within your expertise and you should be applauded for taking on new skills instead of evaluated for how you struggled as you were learning.

Add Your Input

  • Your supervisor may want to hear your input on how work in your area is handled. Sometimes those deep in the trenches provide the most helpful feedback. Be prepared to offer suggestions as to how systems can be improved to run more efficiently. Show that you are as invested in the success of the company as you are in your own success. Be careful not to sound as though you are complaining. You are simply trying to help the company as a whole by offering your opinion. Finally, along with your supervisor, come up with a set list of expectations you can refer to all year long to prepare yourself for your next review.

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