Performance review responses

Your employee evaluation is a part of your permanent employment file with your company. The opinions and information gathered for your evaluation could help to determine your chances for a promotion or a raise in the future. Regardless of whether you receive a mostly positive or mostly negative evaluation, you should be prepared to write a response that will outline your opinions and how you feel about your future with the company.

  1. Keep notes of your accomplishments and your shortcomings throughout the year. The point of your response to an evaluation is not to try to shine only a positive light on yourself and your performance, but to give a well-rounded self-evaluation. If you take the time to point out where you went wrong and what you learned from your mistakes along with the positive aspects of your performance, then your written response will be more balanced and could carry more weight in your employer’s eyes.
  2. Analyze your written evaluation from your meeting with your manager, and make notes on the things that you would like to address.
  3. Create a response sheet that details which sections of the employee evaluation you are responding to, and include detailed information to back up your statements. When you respond to a statement in your evaluation you should try to present facts from the information you have kept throughout the year. If you feel your manager’s impression of your performance in a particular area was incorrect, respectfully point out where your opinion and your manager’s opinion differ. Cite examples from the year to let the company know that you are using information that is based on actual events.
  4. Use your written response as a chance to point out the good you have done throughout the year that may have been left out. Take responsibility for your mistakes and outline what you have learned from your errors. If you feel you had an especially productive year then use this chance to mention the possibility of a raise, or advancement.
  5. Make copies of all of your information before you submit it. Keep everything in an expandable file folder at home to prevent others from going into your desk and finding it.

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