Performance review phrases – Relationship building

An ability to build rewarding relationships is crucial in any kind of work. It may include not only friendly relationship with your customers but also effective relationships with your coworkers.


  1. Robert is responsible for a number of useful working relationships with other departments.
  2. Gloria always has a positive attitude. Other employees like to be around her.
  3. Customers like Harry because he is a very charismatic person.
  4. Other employees look to Yvonne for plans, analysis and solutions.
  5. Patrick influences both clients and colleagues through communication to build consensus.
  6. Marta has a very friendly attitude. She is on good terms with all the other employees.
  7. Wesley demonstrates an excellent ability to listen actively, which makes him an outstanding negotiator.
  8. Sue is very sociable and approachable which helps her invite loyal customers to the company and sell much of the product every day.
  9. Sandra is a fabulous speaker. After business events, we often get many requests from future partners to have a joint project.
  10. Bill understands the needs of his peers and often offers a helping hand to them.

Exceeds Requirements/More than Satisfactory:

  1. Valerie is a highly effective representative of the department.
  2. Regina makes sure her subordinates are focused on the common goal.
  3. Lionel has established rapport with other employees in the department.
  4. Peter treats customers with great respect and always provides diligent services.
  5. Philipp manages relationships with most of the company’s partners.
  6. Andrew always analyses customers’ needs in order to provide them with an excellent service and make them truly loyal to the company.
  7. Susan does her best to understand her customers and their wishes, which helps her to choose the goods that they really need. Consequently, all clients are always happy after visiting the shop.
  8. Megan is friendly and easily creates good relationships with colleagues and clients.
  9. John has respect from employees for lending a patient ear to their problems and concerns.
  10. Tom builds a beneficial rapport with his colleagues and always makes them feel appreciated.

Meets Expectations/Satisfactory:

  1. Michael is a valuable member of the team but he does not trust employees from other departments.
  2. Bruce is willing to cooperate with colleagues but he acts condescending towards less experienced employees.
  3. Nathan had been trying to build a healthy workplace environment but his attempts have failed.
  4. Emma is a very talented employee but she rarely shares her ideas with the rest of the team.
  5. Sometimes Aaron makes good contributions towards the team’s projects but he does that very rarely.
  6. George would be a brilliant orator if he would not lose temper so easily.
  7. Samantha is befriended with most of the colleagues but she does not trust her supervisor.
  8. All co-workers respect Simon and listen to his tips because he is willing to share his knowledge and help others to improve their performance.
  9. Samuel does his best to develop mutual respect with his colleagues.
  10. John is a newbie in the company but everybody seems to already respect him because he chooses his words carefully and speaks positively.

Provisional/Needs Improvement:

  1. Abigail is an introverted person. She rarely communicates with other employees.
  2. Bruce cannot cope with the role of a team leader. He is too uncommunicative.
  3. Robert is reluctant to work together with some of the other employees.
  4. Arnold fails to maintain working relationships with some people.
  5. Patricia prefers to work alone even when the task is too difficult.
  6. Joshua prefers to work alone, even if it is required to work in groups for a project.
  7. Monica always promises future partners too much and they do not get all of it. That is why they feel disappointed and business plans often get crashed.
  8. Jim is not interested in building work relationships, which makes him seem isolated from everyone else.
  9. David almost never manages to persuade customers to buy something because he tells them much of useless information.
  10. Julie is very shy and insecure, which is why she is bad at building work relationships.


  1. David always tries to isolate himself from colleagues. He is not even trying to build working relationships.
  2. Abigail gossips about her supervisor and other co-workers. Her behavior damages the image of the entire department.
  3. Olivia does not respect less experienced employees. She needs to change her attitude.
  4. Hank refuses to take responsibilities when working on team projects. He always puts them off to someone else.
  5. Thomas hates dealing with unsatisfied clients. He gets overly nervous and caustic.
  6. Ronald is not effective at selling the company’s products. He fails to interest potential buyers.
  7. Kelvin does not understand what customers really need and often offers useless things for them. That is why customers do not want to stay any longer in the shop.
  8. Sheila does not tell all the benefits the other company would get. That is why they denied our offer to be partners.
  9. Claire is often in a bad mood. All customers avoid speaking to her, because she seems to be unable to give a good advice.
  10. Emma fails to maintain good work relations because of her negative attitude. She needs to become friendlier.


The sample of performance review phrases for relationship building is a great/helpful tool for periodical/annual job performance appraisal. Note that, a relationship building review phrase can be positive or negative and your performance review can be effective or bad/poor activity for your staffs.

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