Performance review Project engineer

Key inputs of performance review: Project engineer job description, Project engineer competencies profile, Project engineer annual objectives…

You can do performance review of Project engineer based on competencies below:

I. Project engineer skills

1. Be knowledgeable about a wide range of areas;

2. Be excellent in math, science and IT;

3. Have strong organizational skill;

4. Can work effectively in a team;

5. Can design and present ideas clearly and effectively;

6. Have sufficient knowledge to make analysis of large amounts and work out suitable solutions;

7. Decision-making skill;

8. Can communicate exceptionally effectively;

9. Be experienced in project management;

10. Work within the allocated budget and tight deadline;

11. Have wide knowledge about laws and regulations;

12. Be able to handle others’ questions in polite manner;

13. Can identify technical problems;

14. AutoCAD certificate;

15. Good at using computer and various software, particularly Ms Word, PowerPoint, Excel and so on;

16. Have good health that can deal with much pressure at work.

II. Soft/management skills

You can ref more review phrases samples of Project engineer competencies below by clicking links that you want to:

1. Goals-setting

2. Interpersonal skills

3. Cooperation

4. Attitude

5. Initiative

6. Problem solving

7. Critical-thinking

8. Communication

9. Time management

10. Management style

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