Performance review phrases – Widening one’s knowledge base

Widening one’s knowledge base is the process of mastering skills and gaining new knowledge.


  1. Marta is constantly looking for new ways to increase productivity.
  2. James upgrades his skill set by working on challenging tasks.
  3. Arthur spends a lot of time on learning new work methods.
  4. Trevor never misses learning opportunities.
  5. Gloria visits training seminars and discussion groups to broaden her horizons.
  6. Harry is very enthusiastic about innovations. He is always aware of the latest industry trends.
  7. Julia updates professional skills on a regular basis.
  8. Paul successfully implements innovations in his department.
  9. Bruce reads dozens of specialized books every month in order to adopt new skills.
  10. Valerie keeps her team and herself updated on the new workplace technologies.

Exceeds Requirements/More than Satisfactory:

  1. Philip made room in his schedule for reading specialized books.
  2. Stephen likes to explain new things he learned to other employees.
  3. George is always among the first employees to master new software.
  4. Sara asks for challenging tasks that make her develop new skills.
  5. Donald communicates with other people in his industry and shares insights with them.
  6. Henry regularly tests himself to boost the learning process.
  7. Jack is focused on expanding his expertise. He reads a lot and takes online classes.
  8. Juliet is eager to acquire new skills. She makes her mentor proud of her.
  9. Laura learns by doing the job. She prefers to master skills through trial and error.
  10. Samantha comes up with great solutions thanks to her impressive knowledge base.

Meets Expectations/Satisfactory:

  1. Jennifer practices things she is not good at in order to expand her professional knowledge.
  2. Albert acknowledges his errors and makes sure to never make them again.
  3. Emma is able to learn new computer applications in a timely manner.
  4. Arnold acquires new skills from coworkers who are more experienced.
  5. Bruce gets to work earlier than the others to spend more time on technical skills development.
  6. Susan is an open-minded person who is always ready to pick up new skills.
  7. Rachel regularly obtains new certifications to remain a valuable employee.
  8. Wendy is not shy to ask questions when she is not sure what to do.
  9. Quentin used to be bad at forecasting but he managed to improve his analytical skills.
  10. Michael has mastered the management skills to get a promotion.

Provisional/Needs Improvement:

  1. Elaine seeks help from the others instead of studying things on her own.
  2. David refuses to implement new software in his department.
  3. Robert is not willing to master new skills.
  4. Abigail refuses to get a mentor. She is too self-confident.
  5. Edward rarely refreshes his professional knowledge.
  6. Simon is not able to use things he learned in practice.
  7. Brian visits training courses but remains incompetent in many areas anyway.
  8. Cindy does not like to work on tasks that she has never done before.
  9. Rebecca does not admit her mistakes. She will not learn anything until she changes her attitude.
  10. Greg is not interested in new technologies in his industry.


  1. Yvonne hates to learn new things. She needs to overcome procrastination.
  2. Thomas is afraid to ask questions.
  3. Hayden has missed many learning opportunities because of laziness.
  4. Olivia fails to learn from mistakes. She needs to start analyzing her work.
  5. Aaron does not understand the majority of business processes. He is unwilling to learn.
  6. Jack has not learned the basic computer skills, which makes him extremely inefficient.
  7. David lacks perseverance to improve professional skills.
  8. Emma thinks that new work practices are useless. Her department is the least efficient because of that.
  9. Rachel makes many mistakes. Her competence raises serious doubts.
  10. Monica never seeks efficient solutions. She is too lazy to implement innovations.

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