Performance review phrases – Weaknesses

Weaknesses are either some features of our character or lack of certain skills which make us perform not as well as the employer would like us to. People are not perfect, and it is normal not to be so good at some things as others are. What matters most is what we do in order to overcome them. Working on yourself to perform better at work is highly appreciated by employers, and even if the employee cannot get over some of his or her weaknesses, he or she may put them to good use.


  1. Jeremy is an experienced employee with a wide skillset, but he accepts that he is not ideal and seeks assistance from other employees when needed.
  2. Marta understands that she is not perfect in some areas. She is willing to learn in order to improve her professional skills.
  3. Robert is in constant pursuit of learning opportunities. He is working hard to fix his weaknesses.
  4. Maria regularly attends training sessions and seminars to eliminate her weaknesses.
  5. Michael is aware of his weaknesses. In order to level them, he collaborates with more experienced colleagues and learns from example.
  6. Helen has managed to get rid of some of her weaknesses over the last year.
  7. Jordan calmness and cheerfulness make his colleagues feel relaxed in his presence.
  8. Emily is overly self-assured but can effectively organize the activities of other employees.
  9. Isabella tends to internalize clients’ problems, but it helps her find a common language with them.
  10. Ella always completes her tasks on time and with great care, although she is extremely timid.

Exceeds Requirements/More than Satisfactory:

  1. Valerie acknowledges her mistakes and takes appropriate actions to stop repeating them.
  2. Harry sets personal goals to create an action plan for improving his weaknesses.
  3. When faced with difficult tasks, Trevor seeks assistance and learns from example.
  4. Grace is an open-minded person who accepts negative feedback and makes efforts to become a better employee.
  5. Frank is willing to attend professional seminars in order to improve his weaknesses.
  6. Laura does not undertake tasks she is not capable to perform. She is not afraid to accept her weaknesses.
  7. Patrick always does the best he can to perform his job even though he lacks the experience.
  8. Sofia performs her assigned tasks slowly but at the same time diligently and scrupulously.
  9. Justin is creative and quick on the draw but often acts recklessly.
  10. Austin strives to do as much as he can, although has a lack of creativity.

Meets Expectations/Satisfactory:

  1. Michael is a talented employee who takes responsibility for his mistakes but does little to fix them.
  2. Even though Jennifer has mastered her professional area, she needs to fix her personal weaknesses.
  3. Nigel takes constructive criticism well but he rarely actually takes it into account.
  4. Emma is a highly experienced professional but she does not recognize her weaknesses.
  5. Sandra accepts her weaknesses, but refuses to take guidance and tries to do everything by herself.
  6. Samantha keeps on trying tasks she is not good at. She needs to focus on the areas she has already mastered.
  7. Susan tries to turn her weaknesses into strengths but refuses to find a mentor. Therefore, she is very ineffective.
  8. Peter is willing to improve his weaknesses and excessively bothers other employees with questions, distracting them from work.
  9. Connor always puts off his work, although he meets all of his deadlines.
  10. Mia is a perfectionist and tends to spend a lot of time doing things unnecessarily diligently.

Provisional/Needs Improvement:

  1. Ingrid does not address some of her professional weaknesses.
  2. Aaron regularly misses deadlines. Despite that, he is not even trying to improve his time management skills.
  3. It seems that Robert does not learn from his own mistakes. He is very inaccurate and unfocused but does little to improve these weaknesses.
  4. Bruce cannot get over his fear of failure.
  5. Nathan makes many mistakes in numerous aspects of his job and yet does not want to obtain additional training.
  6. Helen believes that she always knows the best way to solve issues and refuses to listen to other employees’ opinions.
  7. John prefers safe mediocrity instead of pursuing excellence. He needs to change his attitude and devote more time to improving his weaknesses.
  8. Jessica is very sensitive to negative feedback. She gets very frustrated and offended.
  9. Grace does not pay enough attention to her employees’ weaknesses, which may seriously affect the quality of the work.
  10. Ryan is overly occupied with his hobbies, which sometimes interferes with his performance.
  11. Amelia makes up her mind too slowly and passes up good opportunities.


  1. Donald hates when other employees point out his mistakes. He needs to learn to accept constructive criticism with grace.
  2. Abigail refuses to take responsibilities for bad ideas. She thinks that she does not need to improve her analytical skills.
  3. Oliver is terrible at some aspects of his job and he does not even try to become better.
  4. Thomas refuses from visiting training seminars and learning new skills. Instead of improving his weaknesses, he worsens them.
  5. Olivia is overly self-confident. She needs to start recognizing her weaknesses to become a better employee.
  6. Christine does not accept other employees’ point of view even when they are more experienced than she is.
  7. Edward does not look for ways of improving his weaknesses. He is not interested in his own success.
  8. Wendy’s unwillingness to overcome weaknesses make her the least effective employee in the department.
  9. Chloe does not notice negative attitude of her employees towards the assignments given.
  10. Samuel is overly ostentatious. This disrupts the work of other employees as he tries to get their attention.

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