Performance review phrases – Visionary skills

Visionary skills encompass the abilities required to think about the future in imaginative and unprecedented ways. People who possess them make the best team leaders and project managers. Visionary employees are extremely valuable since they make up one of the major sources of innovations.


  1. Edward does not settle for a satisfactory result. He always strives for perfection.
  2. Olivia considers alternatives to well-established traditions that might boost productivity.
  3. Jennifer is an insightful employee who offers great ideas on every table meeting.
  4. Abigail sticks to her ideals and strives to bring innovations to every aspect of her job.
  5. Marta possesses determination, confidence, and charisma required to be a visionary leader.
  6. Ronald understands risks and successfully takes them when he is sure of his daring ideas.
  7. Christopher gets ahead of everyone else in seeing new business opportunities and using them to gain profits.
  8. Arthur addresses issues that are taken for granted by others and tries to eliminate them.
  9. Portia invests a good portion of his time in cultivating professional relationships.
  10. Robert does whatever it takes to follow the identified goal and make others follow him.

Exceeds Requirements/More than Satisfactory:

  1. Tabitha integrates diverse ideas and concepts to discover brand new solutions.
  2. Susan is a very organized team leader who pays close attention to what her subordinates do.
  3. Harry likes to try new ways of solving problems instead of doing that everyone else does.
  4. Rachel is leading a very prominent project with a sky-high potential ROI.
  5. Bruce never gives up on solutions that seem undoable at first sight. He is always willing to try.
  6. Trevor has launched an innovative training program for employees.
  7. Jane is an incorrigible optimist who sees most issues as temporary and never loses positivity.
  8. Valerie suggests alternative solutions and explores possibilities for future growth.
  9. David processes tons of information every day to generate breakthrough solutions.
  10. Rebecca is trying to rethink the sacred cows of the industry to discover new approaches.

Meets Expectations/Satisfactory:

  1. Arthur is ready to take moderate risks when trying innovative solutions.
  2. Sandra demonstrates incredible energy and optimism when talking about her ideas.
  3. George seeks possibilities for effective synergies and integrations.
  4. Aaron has a positive attitude, which helps him to bring the best qualities out of his subordinates.
  5. Valerie fosters creativity and collaboration in the workplace to boost innovations.
  6. Donald is a very inspirational person who does a good job of motivating employees.
  7. Xavier makes sure there is a legitimate basis for his brave ideas.
  8. Linda spends a lot of time researching the industry to find inspiration for new ideas.
  9. Steven is determined to accomplish his goals even though not all of them are good.
  10. Michelle deeply respects her colleagues and their creative ideas.

Provisional/Needs Improvement:

  1. Frank does not bother to look for creative ways of solving problems.
  2. Trevor is a pessimist by nature who never truly believes in his ideas.
  3. Cindy is focused on the big picture and often misses small but important details because of that.
  4. Peter cannot think outside the box and rejects prominent projects with high potential.
  5. Michael fails to adapt to new circumstances as he works towards his goals.
  6. Jennifer ignores everyday issues since she is too focused on achieving her ideas of the future.
  7. Sophie steadily decreases the budget for experiments and innovation research ever since she became the head of the financial department.
  8. Oliver does not know how to properly communicate his vision to others.
  9. Sometimes Ellie is motivated on vague ideas that are not based on any concrete data.
  10. Abby is not very good with words. She cannot present her ideas in an engaging way.


  1. Yvonne is afraid to take the necessary risks even when they are well justified.
  2. Harold has not shared any imaginative ideas for several months.
  3. Monica takes too many unnecessary risks to achieve her goals.
  4. Nigel cannot keep his subordinates motivated on achieving his goals.
  5. Bruce does not look for improvement. His both career and department are stagnating.
  6. Janet fails to make her team members believe in her vision.
  7. Olivia does not do anything in order to cultivate relationships.
  8. David gives up on his ideas too soon. He needs to develop a more positive mindset.
  9. Jennifer seems to have no respect for some members of the team.
  10. Wendy lacks persistence. She fails to push through obstacles.

Self Evaluation Questions:

  1. What does it take you to consistently chase challenging goals?
  2. Are you interested in using innovative solutions in the everyday work routine?
  3. Do you have a list of ideas you would like to implement in the future?
  4. How many creative thoughts come to your mind throughout the day?
  5. When was the last time you gave a motivational speech to your team?
  6. How much time per week do you spend researching the industry?
  7. Have you adopted any innovative solutions within the last quarter?
  8. What do you do to encourage creative thinking in the workplace?
  9. Can you share the examples of your most visionary solutions?
  10. What lengths would you go in order to make other people believe in your vision?


The samples of performance review phrases for visionary skills is a great/helpful tool for periodical/annual job performance appraisal. Note that, visionary skills review phrases can be positive or negative and your performance review can be effective or bad/poor activities for your staffs.

If no matching phrase is found, you can also see a general list of performance review phrases and choose a more appropriate skill.

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