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Training and development is a very important task in any organization and so is on-the-job training. On-the-job training reflects directly and practically what you can learn and do at work. Another training method is inviting an expert to instruct the employees, to train and improve their qualification.


  1. George is a diligent and inquiring employee who spends many hours per week learning new skills.
  2. Marta has mastered every aspect of her job thanks to intense training.
  3. Rowan regularly attends training seminars and refresher courses.
  4. Thanks to his amazing learning abilities, Michael can handle tasks of any difficulty.
  5. Helen has developed a number of new skills through hard work.
  6. Yvonne has learned and applied new software within the course of a week.
  7. Jonathan constantly seeks training to learn how to improve the quality of the company’s products.
  8. Tim is willing to help his staff find the suitable training sessions.
  9. We are impressed with Fred because he is willing to give instructions of latest technologies and facilities.
  10. We are impressed with Fred because he is willing to give clear instructions of latest technologies and facilities.

Exceeds Requirements/More than Satisfactory:

  1. Raymond easily learns new work methods and adopts them in practice.
  2. Ingrid sets aside time for learning new work methods and improving her professional skills.
  3. Francesca often asks her mentor for guidance in order to learn on example.
  4. Laura is always enthusiastic about new training opportunities.
  5. Peter does not mind helping his colleagues to understand the concepts he learned on professional training courses.
  6. Terry does not mind taking part in the job training. He is worth to be a good team member with his enthusiasm.
  7. Rachel encourages all the team members to join in the necessary training sessions.
  8. Polly is responsible to make sure that all members take part in requisite training sessions.
  9. In the training sessions, Bill helps his fellow trainees learn complicated lessons enthusiastically by his “can-do” attitude.
  10. Eva displayed strong training abilities by using sound training techniques to solve the problems.

Meets Expectations/Satisfactory:

  1. Michael is trying to learn new skills, but his training abilities are below average.
  2. Jennifer is a quick learner but she has missed a number of training courses because of laziness.
  3. Nathan always rushes the learning process. He lacks the patience for proper training.
  4. Emma demonstrates satisfactory results at her job but is not interested in acquiring new skills.
  5. Susan regularly visits training seminars but fails to apply the concepts she learned.
  6. George lacks computer skills but he already requested training to advance them.
  7. Samantha attends training courses but she does not treat them seriously.
  8. Nigel picks the wrong training seminars. He does not improve the skills required for his job.
  9. Ted is able to learn concept quickly and bring them into his performance.
  10. Greg always finds out opportunities to take part in the specialized training sessions.

Provisional/Needs Improvement:

  1. Robert has missed numerous chances to gain new professional skills. He refuses to set aside time for training.
  2. Bruce likes to learn new things but he never shares his knowledge with other members of the team.
  3. Rachel is a very conservative person who resists changes and does not want to learn new things.
  4. Helen never prepares before coming to professional seminars. It seriously damages her effectiveness.
  5. John does not pursue most of training opportunities opened to him.
  6. Jessica had to repeat training because she failed to learn the material for the first time.
  7. Tricia does not exchange class concepts to her colleagues though she still joins the training sessions.
  8. Maybe Kyle thinks that the training session is not important so he does not concentrate on it.
  9. Lenny should not joke in the training class and she should show her concentration on the content of training lessons.
  10. Jenny should have preparation before coming to training sessions in order to understand all knowledge that trainers are giving.


  1. Aaron is a very slow learner when it comes to mastering new tasks and procedures.
  2. Donald hates to visit training seminars. His professional skills will degrade unless he changes his attitude.
  3. Abigail fails to apply concepts that she has learned during professional training.
  4. Oliver has missed the most of professional training sessions due to the poor time management skills.
  5. Even though Hayden visits training classes, she is never focused on the content of lessons.
  6. Thomas refused to attend training sessions, which led to a significant decrease in productivity.
  7. Wendy is reluctant to attend training sessions. She prefers to use outdated work methods, which damages the productivity of her team.
  8. Edward is unable to operate the machine despite months of training.
  9. Peter does not ask his staff to take part in the training sessions even only with minimum hours every year.
  10. Jim declares that training sessions are not necessary in spite of he and his team are facing many challenges.
  11. Ryan does not know how to apply the knowledge learned in training sessions into his performance.


The sample of performance review phrases for training ability is a great/helpful tool for periodical/annual job performance appraisal. Note that, training ability review phrase can be positive or negative and your performance review can be effective or bad/poor activities for your staffs.

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