Performance review phrases – Time management

Time management is the skill of managing one’s time resource to accomplish his or her goals. As an employee, time management is very important to his or her performance at work. An employee has to, at the same time, deal with a number of problems including meeting deadlines, estimating the outcome, managing the schedule or balancing the work and private life. Therefore, time management skill is very crucial.


  1. Monica does not waste time on small talk. She remains highly efficient throughout from start to the very end of the workday.
  2. George demonstrates impeccable time management abilities. He has not missed a single deadline over the course of five years.
  3. Janet is very good at prioritizing tasks. She can easily manage to complete multiple assignments in time.
  4. Edward can deal with any emergency in a timely manner.
  5. Jean performs his tasks with heart and always accomplishes them in due time.
  6. Jenn has such a great multi-task skill. She can take over many tasks at the same time, allocates appropriate time resource for each while maintain a high level of performance.
  7. Greg is a great time-management leader. He always helps other members in his team with managing their time resource to enhance the production.
  8. George always learns about the nature of the projects and duties carefully and he divides his time suitably to complete them. George manages time well.
  9. Tricia’s employees put all their faith in his good time and plan management style.
  10. Kyle is a good time-management expert. Not only he manages all day-to-day works in our company well, he sets goals and establishes schedule for everyone.

Exceeds Requirements/More than Satisfactory:

  1. Jennifer proceeds the vast majority of tasks within the set timeframes.
  2. Rachel makes very effective use of time management
  3. Valerie handles tight deadlines well while maintaining the highest standards of work.
  4. Michael never procrastinates at work. He does his best to accomplish the assigned tasks in time.
  5. Greg is always responsible for his colleagues’ performance and effectiveness.
  6. Tricia is an excellent member in our team. She always makes high quality product.
  7. Tricia is the most reliable employee of ours. Her time management skill has been proven and quality of work has nothing to complain.
  8. Kyle can accomplish his assignments efficiently with the tools provided.
  9. Tom is a man of schedule. He works according to schedule and he never loses his track.
  10. Fran has good ability to deal with project deadlines and manage the time that leads to each deadline.

Meets Expectations/Satisfactory:

  1. Victor is an accurate and diligent employee, but he fails to schedule her tasks properly.
  2. Helen is a productive worker, but she becomes overly nervous when dealing with difficult tasks, which leads to missed deadlines.
  3. Tamara could have been significantly more productive if she improved her time management skills.
  4. Jennifer meets deadlines most of the time. However, she does not manage distractions very well.
  5. Jennifer keeps track of her schedule very well. He is never late at work or in delivering such outstanding performance.
  6. Jennifer knows how to arrange her schedule suitably to complete the big and small duties each week.
  7. Tom knows how to manage his schedule appropriately to complete his assignments.
  8. Jim is good at planning out his work week, putting them into suitable plan with effective performance.
  9. Jenn doesn’t get trouble in managing multiple assignments and delivering them in a timely fashion.
  10. Todd is a good staff but if he knows how to manage his time suitably. We think that he will be more effective.

Provisional/Needs Improvement:

  1. Ingrid is easily distracted from important tasks. She needs to use her time more wisely.
  2. Sometimes Valerie fails to complete projects within the envisaged timeframe.
  3. Peter does not keep a to-do list. He needs to start breaking large projects into small steps to accomplish difficult tasks faster.
  4. Jessica procrastinates on difficult tasks. She needs to become more focused in order to overcome this problem.
  5. Tim should make a work plan for each week. He spends too much time performing his assignments without a proper plan.
  6. Tim is trained how to use time efficiently but he is still unable to manage it.
  7. Peter always gets difficult to accomplish his work because he doesn’t distinguish the difference between big tasks and small tasks. Instead of this, he only focuses on the low hanging fruit to the detriment of the projects that will move our team forward.
  8. Fred brings trouble to his team regarding unorganized meetings. He needs to improve his planning skills to keep meetings on topic and on time.
  9. Jenny has not enough understanding to make schedule properly for maximum efficiency of employees.
  10. Todd’s time management skill has not fully put employees’ faith so he should learn more it.
  11. Todd can be a good worker. His personality is nice, too. However, he is bad at time management. so, we cannot assign such a responsibility to him.


  1. Paul does not meet deadlines without constant supervision.
  2. Aaron is often late for work. Moreover, he spends too much time on breaks.
  3. Emma cannot deal with tight deadlines. She fails to concentrate on important tasks because of stress.
  4. Lenny does not know how to manage his time so he cannot satisfy deadline of projects again and again.
  5. Thomas does not know how to spend his time appropriately to complete his assignments.
  6. Ryan thinks that our tools that we provided him are not necessary so he does not use them.
  7. We have trained Tim enough, we have provided him enough tools to manage his deadline. But in turn, he fails us. He keeps on losing deadlines. He is not a good time manager.
  8. Unnecessary things such as email and Internet take too much time of Peter.
  9. Holly is provided detailed schedule for each work, nevertheless, she keeps on failing it. She cannot even be the boss of her time resource.
  10. Although Time was trained in time management he has not yet understood the process to manage his time.


The sample of performance review phrases for time management is a great/helpful tool for periodical/annual job performance appraisal. Note that, time management review phrase can be positive or negative and your performance review can be effective or bad/poor activities for your staffs.

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