Performance review phrases – Technical skills

Any job requires certain technical skills to accomplish. And if an employee wants to perform his job well, he has to understand the technical requirement of the job. Technical requirement doesn’t mean the technology but more accurately, the professional operations needed to perform the job. For instance, as for a worker in a manufacturing factory, technical requirements may mean the mechanical operation of the machine that the workers have to know.


  1. Albert perfectly understands all the technical procedures and work methods.
  2. Marta is always among the first employees in the department to master new technologies.
  3. Robert demonstrates technical excellence in every area of his work.
  4. Rowan is an irreplaceable member of the team who assists other employees to apply new technologies.
  5. Gloria easily understands even the most complex technical concepts.
  6. George spends lots of his free time at work learning new technical specifications.
  7. Bob is provided many complicated tasks but he performs them easily as if they are so simple.
  8. Bill is always the first choice whenever we need a person to perform new technology.
  9. Samuel always keeps technical skills current and constantly learns new complex skills.
  10. Fred demonstrates an exceptional ability to learn new technologies quickly and apply them successfully.

Exceeds Requirements/More than Satisfactory:

  1. Valerie reads many technical books to be aware of the latest trends in the industry.
  2. Ronald is seen as technical expert by less experienced employees.
  3. Harry has mastered technical skills needed for his position.
  4. Laura can be relied upon for implementing the latest technologies.
  5. Peter consistently follows all the safety and security procedures when working with technical equipment.
  6. Trevor is willing to implement new technical systems to improve the performance of his department.
  7. Harry is an excellent staff and he understands thoroughly our systems and processes.
  8. Jenny has ability to learn new technology quickly and successfully apply it into our performance.
  9. Greg has good knowledge of the technology and he knows how to apply it efficiently.
  10. Everything seems to have big step in the world of technology. We always put our trust on Ted because he is expert in working with some of our systems which are the previous generation ones.

Meets Expectations/Satisfactory:

  1. Michael has numerous technical certifications but he is unproductive due to poor time management skills.
  2. Even though Jennifer spends hours per week on learning new technical skills, she lacks the experience for now.
  3. Nathan is decent in some technical areas, but he needs to attend professional seminars to improve them.
  4. Emma has experience in many technical areas but she is not willing to share her knowledge with other members of the team.
  5. Susan is a productive employee but her technical knowledge leaves much to be desired.
  6. George used to be a good technician but he became less efficient due to the lack of learning.
  7. Samantha does not want to use new software because she has mastered old programs.
  8. Nigel would be a great technician if he spent more time on improving his technical skills.
  9. Ryan is always the first staff who understands thoroughly and performs the new technology well.
  10. Walter knows thoroughly the technical essence of his assignments.

Provisional/Needs Improvement:

  1. Abigail cannot handle complex assignments due to the lack of patience.
  2. Sometimes Aaron lags behind other employees because of the lack of technical skills.
  3. Robert is unwilling to use new technical systems. He is too conservative and resistant to change.
  4. Arnold is very slow at learning new technical skills. He becomes less effective every year.
  5. Helen becomes overly nervous when assigned to complex projects.
  6. Peter does not know how to catch the latest technology and he needs excessive sessions to be trained more. He should be ready to face changes.
  7. Oliver is not experienced enough to become the chief technician. She needs to devote more time on improving her skills.
  8. Fred has good knowledge of business, but he fails in communicating with other technical members of his team.
  9. Peter should attend more training sessions and study hard to improve his technical knowledge.
  10. Sometimes, Walter seems to ignore technical concepts. He should add more technical concepts to satisfy requirements for his role.


  1. Aaron does not understand the most of technical procedures and work methods used in his department.
  2. Donald does not follow the technical specifications when working with specialized machinery.
  3. Abigail severely lacks technical knowledge, which slows down his entire department.
  4. Oliver underestimates the necessity of new software. He thinks that updates are useless.
  5. Hank is always late to implement new technical system in his department. He needs to react to industry trends quicker.
  6. Some of Wendy’s technical certifications has expired and need to be renewed.
  7. Edward fails to understand some of the most important technical concepts required for his job.
  8. Terry’s technical essence is not as perfect as it is displayed in his application.
  9. Bob is unable to get along with our technology though our systems are used for a long time and well documented.
  10. Bruce is able to accomplish only the easiest tasks that do not require technical skills.


The sample of performance review phrases for technical skills is a great/helpful tool for periodical/annual job performance appraisal. Note that, technical skills review phrase can be positive or negative and your performance review can be effective or bad/poor activities for your staffs.

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