Performance review phrases – Stress management

Stress management means taking responsibility of our thoughts, emotions, and the way we deal with problems. The important factor for a manager is to put stress management into performance. Nowadays, we suffer from stress in practically every situation in our life. Thus, finding your way to deal with it leads to personal success, especially if we talk about stress management at work.


  1. Gregory is a very optimistic and positive person who never stresses out because of challenges at work.
  2. Janet is calm and confident in the face of unexpected problems. She always manages to find a solution based on logic and data.
  3. Marta has been striving to build a healthy work environment since the very moment she joined our company. She assists other members of the team to remain calm under any circumstances.
  4. Yvonne does a great job of coping with stress at work. She always maintains a positive attitude.
  5. She is calm and composure all the times, even under great pressure in terms of deadline or quality of work. She can handle them very well.
  6. He has such great leadership skills. He handles stress very well and gives a nice influence on others to work better.
  7. He/she has a good capacity for control stress from high pressure customer situations as well as difficult workloads.
  8. He/she is good at managing crisis situations through effective leadership, logical thought and collaborative discussions on solutions.
  9. While dealing with stress situations at work, Kylie never does anything rash and thinks over every step to avoid possible mistakes.
  10. Connor never becomes nervous and jumpy in stressful situations. Instead, he maintains composure and does his best to avoid dealing with the same problems again.

Exceeds Requirements/More than Satisfactory:

  1. Trevor stays organized and demonstrates consistent performance even under high stress.
  2. Michael makes fair judgments despite stress. Instead of overreacting to force majeure circumstances, he focuses on finding the best solution.
  3. Robert is persuasive and confident when dealing with difficult customers. It is very hard to infuriate him.
  4. Whenever difficult dilemmas appear, Ursula makes confident and logic choices. She does not allow her feelings to influence her decisions.
  5. Patrick understands how important it is to relax. He allows his subordinates to rest, giving them enough time to recharge.
  6. Being stressed over a problem task, Justin always writes down his thoughts and ones of colleagues to read and think over after he calms down.
  7. Every morning Ashley composes a to-do-list and prioritizes tasks according to their urgency and importance.
  8. Sophie stopped taking control of everything and started to delegate small responsibilities to her subordinates, which helps her to concentrate on the big picture.
  9. Jack completes his job long before deadlines because he breaks big projects into small steps and strictly follows his plan.
  10. He can handle his stress very well. Never losing a deadline or failing our expectation. That’s what we need of him for higher position. Such a workload can never trouble him, though.

Meets Expectations/Satisfactory:

  1. Victor is a very effective employee, but he raises his voice on rare occasions.
  2. Jonathan maintains a composed demeanor most of the time, but he loses confidence in some situations.
  3. Susan needs to improve her ability to manage stress. She becomes overly nervous when working under tight deadlines.
  4. Rowan never raises his voice or say rude things to colleagues or customers. He rarely loses temper even in stressful situations.
  5. Nathan is an important member of the team, but he needs to stop getting irked over minor problems.
  6. Quentin easily handles workplace stress, but he loses temper on rare occasions.
  7. Adrian uses the sport corner equipped in the former storage room to work out for 15 minutes a day in order to relax his mind.
  8. If something is bothering Kylie, she never bottles it up and always discusses the problem issues with her colleagues.
  9. Camila created a balance between her work and family life by avoiding procrastination during a working day and getting home on time after her work has been done.
  10. Julia always controls her way of talking with colleagues and never shouts or uses bad language at them.

Provisional/Needs Improvement:

  1. Ingrid becomes unfocused and irritated under stress.
  2. Emma is bad at handling project changes. It makes hew unsuitable for complex tasks that require a cool-headed approach.
  3. Harry is terrible at managing stress. His unethical behavior in uncommon situations seriously damage the workplace environment.
  4. Normally Bruce has a positive attitude, but he fails to maintain it under unexpected situations. He needs to learn to control his emotions.
  5. Abigail never makes backup solutions. No wonder why she becomes overly stressed when things do not go according to the plan.
  6. Sometimes Lionel makes overly long to-do lists and tries to complete a dozen of tasks at once. This might lead him to have an emotional breakdown at work.
  7. Evelyn can’t think of anything except work, even during the holidays which may lead to a quick professional burnout.
  8. Kevin takes plenty of breaks to freshen up which leads to significant declines in performance.
  9. Being stressed, Alexander always stops working, takes a cigarette and walks outside instead of dealing with the situation.
  10. Oliver loses confidence when talking with unsatisfied customers. He needs to become more self-assured.


  1. Aaron becomes overly anxious in stressful situations. His behavior negatively influences the office morale.
  2. Frank yells at less experienced employees when they make mistakes. He needs to become more indulgent and patient.
  3. Walt gets stressed up whenever he is faced with unusual problems.
  4. Rachel hates to modify pre-confirmed plans. She becomes annoyed and ineffective even if the changes are not huge.
  5. Sometimes Clyde fails to remain productive under stress. He starts to spend too much time on checking his works.
  6. Grace starts to panic at the first sign of pressure and spreads increased stress to others.
  7. Hannah gets stressed up and is unable to perform effectively as pressure increases.
  8. Sue does not anticipate high-pressure situations and gets overwhelmed facing them.
  9. Isabella cannot divide her work and personal time and frequently talks over the phone during working day dealing with personal issues. Thus, she often misses deadlines and gets overloaded with work.
  10. Sofia cannot take a grip being in a stressful situation and starts to cry every time.


Stress Management Performance Comments

  • Manages multiple stressors from superiors and/or subordinates with ease, success and/or assistance;
  • Maintains professionalism or coolness amidst stressful conditions;
  • Handles crisis situations with strength, composure and/or leadership.

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