Performance review phrases – Sales skills

Sales skills are a specific set of knowledge and abilities necessary for a salesperson to sell products or services.


  1. Gloria develops unique selling strategies based on the target audience.
  2. Michael has been the leading sales representative for several years.
  3. James sends birthday cards to every client, which helps him to increase sales.
  4. Robert uses different sales techniques to expand the customer base.
  5. Paul highlights the full potential of the company’s products and services.
  6. Samantha sets high sales targets and meets them thanks to preliminary planning.
  7. Harry understands how to make potential customers buy more.
  8. Cindy is a talented salesperson who doubled sales over the last year.
  9. Susan uses active listening skills to find the best solutions to customers’ requests.
  10. Jeremy is able to find the right approach even to the most demanding customers.

Exceeds Requirements/More than Satisfactory:

  1. Alfred has amazing communication skills. Customers are willing to buy from him.
  2. George always knows the best approach to a customer when selling products.
  3. Leonard emphasizes the features of products that solve customers’ problems.
  4. Laura maintains excellent relations with customers.
  5. Peter is striving to find out what exactly customers want.
  6. Ingrid is a great public speaker liked by both customers and shareholders.
  7. James sales more than most of the other employees do thanks to good time management skills.
  8. Monica sets customer expectations around the company’s goods and services.
  9. Rachel understands even the subtle features of every product offered by our company.
  10. Emma has developed her own sales strategy that demonstrates impressive results.

Meets Expectations/Satisfactory:

  1. Jennifer successfully persuades most customers to make a purchase.
  2. Trevor creates persuasive presentations that demonstrate the main features of our products.
  3. Janice asks many questions to overcome obstacles that stop customers from buying a product.
  4. Oliver studies customers’ buying habits to become a better salesperson.
  5. Yvonne would be a great salesperson if she knew more sales techniques.
  6. Customers like Edward, but he lacks the product knowledge.
  7. Thomas takes professional sales courses to improve his efficiency.
  8. Aaron thoughtfully answers most questions and objections from customers.
  9. George rarely misses the sales target.
  10. Paul sincerely wants to help customers. He never lies them.

    Provisional/Needs Improvement:

  1. Michael fails to turn products’ features into benefits.
  2. Robert focuses on the product instead of people. He needs to spend more time understanding their needs.
  3. Alfred is ineffective at selling over the phone.
  4. Brian presents products without the intention to close the sale.
  5. Rebecca is not able to put herself in the shoes of potential buyers.
  6. Nigel does not understand some characteristics of the company’s products.
  7. Quentin talks too much but does not listens enough.
  8. Susan has developed a poor sales territory plan that did not help us to gain new customers.
  9. David fails to cope with anxiety when presenting a product to a large group of people.
  10. Bruce is not able to write good sales emails.


  1. Oliver has missed a number of meetings with potential customers.
  2. Ronald has very weak relationships with clients.
  3. Thomas offers too much information to customers, which makes them confused.
  4. Hayden fails to answer customers’ questions about our products.
  5. Maria lies to customers for her own benefit.
  6. David does not know how to build relationships with important clients.
  7. George does not understand when to close the sale.
  8. Rachel is insincere. Clients do not believe her.
  9. Edward becomes angry and nervous when dealing with upset customers.
  10. Susan acts disrespectfully towards customers.

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