Performance review phrases – Safety at work

Safety at work is the condition of being protected from workplace accidents.


  1. Susan is a devoted safety supervisor who inspects the facility on a regular basis to prevent violation of the company’s standards and regulations.
  2. George plays a major role in defining and applying the company’s safety guidelines.
  3. Ronald adheres to the company’s safety guidelines and procedures.
  4. After Gloria became the head of the department, the number of workplace accidents had reduced dramatically.
  5. Marta puts group and personal safety ahead of anything else.
  6. Helen has helped her team to meet maintenance regulations.
  7. Robert always puts the safety of employees above productivity.
  8. Bruce has come with a set of safety policies, which has helped to reduce the number of accidents in the workplace.
  9. Olivia manages to operate machinery quickly without sacrificing safety measures.
  10. Valerie’s team manages to maintain the lowest accident rate in the entire company.

Exceeds Requirements/More than Satisfactory:

  1. Michael has developed a good fire emergency plan that has helped to prevent injuries in the workplace numerous times.
  2. Jeremy places safety signs, tags, and labels in visible spots near caution zones.
  3. Emma regularly inspects problem areas in the company’s facilities to make sure that they comply with the safety standards.
  4. Donald has never missed a deadline even though he always follows our safety policies
  5. Harry has significantly improved the safety awareness of his team through training programs.
  6. Rachel is a vigorous member of the company’s workplace safety committee.
  7. Peter gives appropriate guidelines on how to keep equipment in optimal condition.
  8. Kate commands her subordinates to wear protective equipment to preserve them from work-related diseases.
  9. Sandra follows all the safety and security procedures on a constant basis.
  10. Stephanie provides employees with effective sanitizers and restorative lotions to prevent skin damage.

Meets Expectations/Satisfactory:

  1. Stacie has never been seen violating the company’s safety policies.
  2. Jennifer is a diligent employee who always adheres to safety guidelines.
  3. Jack has never been involved in serious workplace accidents. She treats safety measures with great respect.
  4. Bruce teaches every newcomer to handle power tools and heavy machinery properly.
  5. Thomas addresses safety hazards effectively. He always informs his management about unsafe conditions.
  6. George has never put his colleagues in dangerous situations.
  7. Samantha performs her work in accordance with the major safety standards.
  8. Emilia carefully investigates workplace accidents to ensure that they will never happen again.
  9. When working in busy areas, Michael always wears reflective vests and other high-visibility clothing.
  10. Laura never takes unnecessary risks when performing her job.

Provisional/Needs Improvement:

  1. Elaine does not inspect safety clothing for tears and rips. She got a chemical burn because of her carelessness.
  2. Trevor delivers generic and unclear safety guidelines for employees.
  3. Abigail fails to maintain an organized and secured facility. She needs to put more efforts into improving safety.
  4. Sometimes Edward forgets to wash his hands with soap before eating.
  5. Oliver often blames others when employees do not follow the company’s safety and health regulations.
  6. Brian has caused a number of workplace accidents over the last year.
  7. Rebecca does not unplug extension cords at the end of the workday.
  8. Sometimes Patricia puts productivity ahead of employee welfare, which might lead to a tragedy.
  9. Donald follows the safety guidelines, but he must start performing his job faster.
  10. Arthur does not know the location of emergency equipment and has no idea how to use them.


  1. Olivia does not wear proper protective clothing. She might get seriously injured because of that.
  2. Alex has minimized safety precautions in order to hit the production target.
  3. Ronald fails to maintain emergency exits clear and clean.
  4. Henry consciously refuses to follow guidelines. He does not understand the importance of workplace safety.
  5. Yvonne applies cosmetics in dangerous areas where chemicals are in use.
  6. Susan is a slow employee who neglects safety procedures and puts other employees at risk.
  7. Maria does not provide safety training to her team.
  8. Quentin does not understand all the risks involved in his job.
  9. Samuel has been caught with a cigarette in areas where smoking is prohibited.
  10. Gregory does not have a first aid kit on hand.

Self Evaluation Questions:

  1. Do you understand all the potential hazards in your workplace?
  2. How do you reduce stress to prevent problems with concentration?
  3. Do you take regular breaks to reduce mistakes?
  4. Is your work area arranged according to the safety standards?
  5. Do you receive personal phone calls at work?
  6. How often do you lift heavy objects by yourself instead of using mechanical devices?
  7. Do you wear proper clothes when operating power equipment?
  8. When working in hazardous areas, do you always wear protective equipment?
  9. Do you know how to handle all the tools and equipment at your disposal?
  10. What are you going to do in case of an emergency?

The sample of performance review phrases for Safety at work is a great/helpful tool for periodical/annual job performance appraisal. Note that, safety at work review phrases can be positive or negative and your performance review can be effective or bad/poor activities for your staffs.

If no matching phrase is found, you can also see a general list of performance review phrases and choose a more appropriate skill.

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