Performance review phrases – Reliability

Reliability is one of the most important qualities, forming the professional suitability of employees in both commercial and non-commercial companies, who have this trait sufficiently developed and clearly expressed, keep motivation on working and loyalty to the employer even in the hardest times. They are willing to devote their personal time to the company in order to help the business to thrive. They are ready to give their know-how to the company and constantly seek for opportunities to be useful.


  1. George is very effective in his role as a coordinator. He is reliable, competent and helpful.
  2. Johnathan can be relied upon in any situation. He always demonstrates amazing productivity.
  3. Valerie always delivers on her promises. She is one of the most responsible employees in the team.
  4. Ronald takes proper action and makes clever decisions quickly and confidently. He has enough experience to handle any problem.
  5. Rachel accomplishes all the tasks assigned to her on time. She can be trusted with the most important projects.
  6. Paul always performs work with great accuracy. He does not need to be supervised.
  7. Marta assumes personal responsibilities for her work. She understands how important it is to perform the job at the highest level.
  8. Michael demonstrates exceptional dependability. He has not missed a single deadline.
  9. This job is suitable to Danny’s qualification. We can count on him. He has never let us down and will not do.
  10. Joshua independently studied new technologies in his spare time and made suggestions for optimizing the company’s business processes with their help.

Exceeds Requirements/More than Satisfactory:

  1. David always comes to the rescue when deadlines are very tight.
  2. Sandra makes realistic yet challenging goals and easily achieves most of them.
  3. Harry shows a high level of accountability for projects. He always makes sure that the job is performed perfectly.
  4. Raymond adheres to instructions and directions from supervisors. He does not contravene them unless it is absolutely necessary.
  5. Rowan has been showing an incredible performance for several years already.
  6. Cindy does not mind working extra hours if this is the only way to complete the project within the set timeframes.
  7. Patrick meets the company’s standards for punctuality and attendance. He is never late to work and his productiveness is above average.
  8. Lionel continues to work in any situation. He never gives up when faced with difficulties.
  9. We can always rely on Mathew, as we know he will not refuse even if the tasks do not correspond with his job description.
  10. Anna is ready to answer calls in 24/7 mode and complete all the tasks even when on vacation.
  11. We can be sure that if Jonathan finds mistakes in the work he will not only tell to manager about it but also take all measures to eliminate it.

Meets Expectations/Satisfactory:

  1. Susan demonstrates an appropriate level of accountability.
  2. Michelle is a very reliable employee, but sometimes she is late for work. She needs to become more punctual.
  3. Jonathan strictly follows directions and instructions, but he does not know what to do when things go wrong. He cannot work on complex projects without supervision.
  4. Oliver requires oversight only on the most difficult tasks.
  5. George completes most of the assignments accurately and in a timely manner.
  6. Nathan shows a desire to work on complex projects, but he lacks the experience to do so.
  7. Quentin is a responsible and diligent employee, but he should not work without supervision yet due to the lack of experience.
  8. Ingrid can handle the task of any difficulty but she becomes overly nervous She needs to learn to control her emotions.
  9. Lucas showed himself as a reliable employee, always completing all tasks in time.
  10. Sarah makes the impression that she is a reliable team player, aimed at the overall result.

Provisional/Needs Improvement:

  1. Emma refuses to accept reliability for missed deadlines. She often blames others and makes up excuses for her own mistakes.
  2. Trevor sets unreachable goals. He tries to accomplish multiple projects at once but fails most of the time.
  3. Harry is not willing to improve his professional skills. He seems to be not interested in moving up the career ladder.
  4. Edward has missed multiple deadlines over the last year. He cannot be relied upon with important projects.
  5. Abigail cannot handle tasks that cannot be accomplished with traditional methods. She is not skilled enough for complex assignments.
  6. Bruce often returns late from breaks. He does not respect the company’s punctuality standards and slows down his colleagues.
  7. Peter is a very talented employee but he challenges workplace authority all the time. He always does things his own way.
  8. Lionel cannot focus on the task. He can only be trusted simple assignments that do not require creative thinking.
  9. At times his desire to save money for the company results in choosing cheap equipment/service at the expense of quality.


  1. Most of the time Frank misses deadlines. He needs to change his attitude and become more responsible.
  2. Jessy never achieves production goals. He is one of the least effective employees in the department.
  3. Walter has been caught lying to his supervisor multiple times. He should not be trusted until he changes his attitude.
  4. Ben is frequently late at work and tends to show up irregularly in many of our meetings. Though he is competent, he is not dependable.
  5. Oh, we should forget about Lenny. She cannot accomplish such a sales target. She lacks the reliability that we can count on.
  6. Arnold has to be looked after all the time. Otherwise, he will not contribute to the company’s projects much.
  7. Rachel constantly disappoints teammates who rely on her. She needs to stop giving promises that she cannot keep.
  8. Clyde fails to comply with the company’s policies. She is too unreliable in most aspects of her work.
  9. Hayden does not follow instructions and disobeys the company’s rules. She makes many mistakes in paperwork and her punctuality leaves much to be desired.
  10. Peter fails to meet our expectation. Not only he didn’t prepare himself well for the job, he failed to take necessary actions to accomplish the goal.

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