Performance review phrases – Project management

Project management involves resource management and planning required for the successful completion of a company’s projects.


  1. Susan takes responsibility for all project management phases.
  2. Ronald is able to solve any production problems.
  3. Marta is great at coordinating resources required to complete the team’s projects.
  4. Gloria uses professional software to improve her performance as a project manager.
  5. Henry effectively interacts with other employees involved in the project.
  6. Albert recognizes the strengths and weaknesses of every employee and delegates tasks accordingly.
  7. Helen consistently meets the project budgets and timelines.
  8. Robert understands all the nuances of project planning.
  9. Bruce knows his projects inside out. He always satisfies the interests of stakeholders and clients.
  10. Oliver never lets changes get out of hand. He completes most projects ahead of schedule despite any difficulties.

Exceeds Requirements/More than Satisfactory:

  1. Michael consistently maintains the project management log.
  2. Yvonne defines critical milestones of her projects to track the progress.
  3. Valerie always identifies the project requirements when developing a strategy.
  4. Philipp develops a solid strategy for every project he is involved in.
  5. Donald is good at estimating project budgets and tracking costs.
  6. Harry impeccably brings most of his projects to closure.
  7. Arthur effectively manages projects risks. He always has a backup plan.
  8. Frank clearly defines the goals and objectives for a better understanding of the project.
  9. Laura is always open to communication with other employees who work on the project.
  10. Peter is an experienced user of professional project management software.

Meets Expectations/Satisfactory:

  1. Jennifer encourages feedback between employees to run projects smoothly.
  2. Nigel selects people for his projects based on their skillset.
  3. Trevor effectively deals with unexpected problems but he rarely anticipates them.
  4. Bruce helps inexperienced employees to perform project tasks.
  5. Arnold works well with other employees involved in the project.
  6. George thoroughly analyzes various project components.
  7. Rachel develops accurate project definition plans.
  8. Samantha effectively motivates subordinates to achieve project goals.
  9. Hayden quickly resolves conflicts between employees.
  10. Emma follows the company’s policies when working on her projects.

Provisional/Needs Improvement:

  1. Elaine ignores the input of her team. She prefers to do important tasks by herself, which slows down many project processes.
  2. Jerry fails to make clear objectives. He does not make sure his employees understand what their goal is.
  3. Robert does not break down big projects into smaller pieces, which makes the whole team feel overwhelmed.
  4. Aaron is bad at prioritizing projects.
  5. Edward does not spend enough time communicating with employees.
  6. James does not fully understand the project planning software.
  7. Brian micromanages his subordinates, which destroys their trust. He needs to make them feel responsible and valued.
  8. Sometimes Rebecca underestimates time and budget required for her projects.
  9. Michael uses outdated project management approaches.
  10. Patricia is unable to deal with unforeseen problems that occur during the project development.


  1. Robert has missed deadlines for numerous projects.
  2. Michael tries to finish projects as soon as possible without a clear start point.
  3. Cindy does not want to use professional project management software.
  4. Ronald is bad at managing resources. He makes poor and ineffective decisions.
  5. Hank fails to give his subordinates clear deadlines. He needs to put more effort into time-management.
  6. Thomas never makes backup strategies. He does not know what to do when things go out of hand.
  7. Abigail picks solutions without evaluating alternatives, which makes her an ineffective project manager.
  8. Rachel is a very poor communicator. She is unable to resolve team conflicts.
  9. Quentin sets unrealistic goals and objectives that do not motivate the team members.
  10. Rachel has poor personal organization skills. She cannot handle multiple projects at once.

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