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Professionalism in the workplace is the combination of skills and traits that characterize exemplary employees. Professional people have everything required for successful work, including competence, flexibility, focus, courage, and other qualities. On this page, you will find a number of performance review phrases that can be used to evaluate employees’ professionalism.

Positive performance review phrases for Professionalism

  1. Having professional dressing manner.
  2. Acting honestly and reliably in working with others.
  3. Being frequently motivating others.
  4. Having quite professional knowledge about the job.
  5. Comply strictly with the company regulations.
  6. Being able to presenting attractively.
  7. Exceeding the expectations of the company.
  8. Being calm and composed under high pressure.
  9. Having a welcoming and friendly characteristics.
  10. Maria treats people with dignity regardless the situation.
  11. John keeps his workplace clean and arranged.
  12. Robert never uses inappropriate idioms or jargon at work.
  13. Have a professional dressing manner.
  14. Work honestly and reliably with others.
  15. Know how to motivate others to work well.
  16. Thanks to his years of experience, George always anticipates problems beforehand and easily comes up with ideas to solve them.
  17. Valerie handles stressful situations with great confidence. She is not afraid of difficulties.
  18. Aaron keeps a perfect balance between friendliness and formality. Customers and other employees like his attitude.
  19. Quentin is a role model for less experienced employees. They often appeal to him for guidance.
  20. Tamara makes everything she can to improve her employees’ professionalism.
  21. Leonardo is known as an honest and reliable employee.
  22. Janet is a highly charismatic and positive person. She is the perfect spokesperson for our company.
  23. Harry always demonstrates a great interest in projects assigned to him. He strives to prove his professionalism in practice.
  24. Carol treats all the other employees with great dignity and respect.
  25. Bruce always places needs of his team above his own interests.
  26. Emma pays attention to the clock and shows up at least a few minutes before she supposed to start work.
  27. Richard is thirsty for knowledge. He asks for harder tasks and constantly works on improving his professional skills.
  28. Natalie stays focused on the task throughout the whole working process. She is a true professional.
  29. Harold always maintains a professional attitude. He creates a productive work environment around him.
  30. Samantha sticks to her goals in spite of the most difficult challenges. She has the resilience needed to handle stress.
  31. Nathan is not afraid of failure. He does not panic and keeps on working even when things go wrong.
  32. Barbra is highly dependable. Whenever she promises to accomplish a task, she does it regardless of the circumstances.

Negative performance review phrases for Professionalism

  1. Fail to comply with the product quality standards.
  2. Violate internal codes of ethics.
  3. Rarely comply with hygiene standards.
  4. Be too informal at work.
  5. Cannot take measures to improve the performance.
  6. Frequently be late at work and have bad dressing manner.
  7. Be reluctant to responsibility and development.
  8. Cannot separate between personal life and work.
  9. Be untruthful at work by giving wrong figures to confuse others.
  10. When things go wrong, Rachel tends to shift the blame to her coworkers. Her unprofessional behavior annoys other employees.
  11. Monica does not value subordinates and consistently takes credit for their work.
  12. Jack has a lot of experience in his area, but he does not want to broaden his horizons. He has to put more time into research.
  13. Francesca is an avid gossiper. She talks about coworkers behind their backs, which is against the social norms of our company.
  14. James does not respect new employees and criticizes them on the daily basis. He creates a toxic work environment and frustrates less experienced workers.
  15. Jessica constantly violates the dress code. She wears revealing attire, which distracts other employees and damages the image of the company.
  16. Michael fails to keep his working area tidy. It makes him look unprofessional and sloppy.
  17. Tamara cannot deal with stressful situations. She becomes overly nervous and unproductive.
  18. Mary lets her skills and knowledge become outdated. She lacks focus and motivation to stay relevant in the workplace.

Self Evaluation Questions:

  1. How well do you overcome unexpected challenges?
  2. Are you ready to stay late in the office if it is the only way to complete your job on time?
  3. Have you ever let personal issues affect your work?
  4. How do you manage to remain calm in stressful situations?
  5. Do tight deadlines make you nervous?
  6. What helps you to block distractions in the office?
  7. How closely do you follow the company’s dress code?
  8. Do you always arrive on time?
  9. What do you do to maintain a positive attitude?
  10. Have you ever swear during your work time?

Professionalism Performance Comments

  • Seeks out, develops and/or maintains the necessary background, credentialling, skills or knowledge to stay on top of professional requirements and/or relationships;
  • Able to create long-lasting professional relationships that benefit the company;
  • Verbal and/or written communication skills demonstrate professionalism;
  • Projects an air of professionalism, authority and/or poise with all or some business relationships.


The samples of performance review phrases for professionalism is a great/helpful tool for periodical/annual job performance appraisal. Note that, professionalism review phrases can be positive or negative and your performance review can be effective or bad/poor activities for your staffs.

If no matching phrase is found, you can also see a general list of performance review phrases and choose a more appropriate skill.

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