Performance review phrases – Personal goals

Personal goals are tasks set by the own initiative of an employee. They motivate and inspire employees to improve themselves.

You can use performance review phrases for personal goals as follows:


  1. Bruce adapts new work methods on his own initiative.
  2. Marta has developed an action plan for improvement and sticks to it.
  3. Henry is determined to improve himself. He is working hard on achieving his goals.
  4. Arthur has achieved mastery in several professional skills thanks to self-discipline.
  5. George constantly improves his personal and professional qualities through intense work.
  6. Gloria always achieves both her personal and team goals.
  7. Julia understands that procrastination damages her productivity. She strives to avoid it by all means.
  8. Trevor motivates himself to become a better professional.
  9. Michael demonstrates a proactive behavior. He willingly takes on challenging tasks.
  10. Susan wants to climb the career ladder. She reads a lot to acquire new skills and polish existing knowledge.

Exceeds Requirements/More than Satisfactory:

  1. Valerie strives to become the best member of the team.
  2. Peter decided to become a mentor in order to reinforce his knowledge and skills.
  3. Philipp makes sure that his own goals do not interfere with work.
  4. Arnold reviews and updates his goals accordingly to his experience and priorities.
  5. Donald has developed the habit of getting up early to become more productive at work.
  6. Ronald wants to master professional software required for his job.
  7. Gregory constantly challenges himself to improve his professional skills.
  8. Frank enjoys learning foreign languages and uses them to find new customers.
  9. Cindy is motivated to eliminating her professional mistakes.
  10. Laura tries to master management skills to get a promotion.

Meets Expectations/Satisfactory:

  1. Jennifer has successfully conquered her negative habits.
  2. Francesca makes mistakes but improves her skills to avoid them in the future
  3. Emma does not waste time on learning skills that are not needed for her job.
  4. David demonstrates his willingness to develop professional skills.
  5. Robert likes to learn new things and achieve difficult challenges.
  6. Rachel never misses learning opportunities since she wants to get promoted.
  7. Samantha is ready to change for the sake of the company.
  8. Peter attends professional seminars on his own initiative.
  9. Wendy consistently reports on new professional skills she learned.
  10. Nigel lacks computer skills but he puts a lot of effort into learning professional software.

Provisional/Needs Improvement:

  1. Arthur wants to learn three foreign languages at once. He needs to set himself realistic challenges.
  2. Elaine is trying to become the head of the team but she severely lacks management skills.
  3. Sara focuses on things she does not really need.
  4. Jerry wants to double the productivity of the department even though his subordinates are too inexperienced yet.
  5. Michael reported that he wants to learn new professional skills but did not specify which ones exactly.
  6. Abigail is trying to complete all her projects ahead of schedule, which leads to mistakes and makes her nervous.
  7. Albert claims that he wants to improve professional skills but he does nothing to actually do it.
  8. Edward becomes overly stressed and frustrated when his ambitious plans fail.
  9. Cindy hates to change her initial plans. She tries to accomplish them even if they turned out to be bad.
  10. Aaron wants to become the boss without improving management skills.
  11. George actively listens to others in order to improve his personal and professional qualities.
  12. Arthur has acknowledged his weaknesses and works on eliminating them.


  1. Yvonne does not set a deadline for her goals. She needs to have a plan in order to achieve them.
  2. Ronald does not master new work methods even though he promised to.
  3. Hayden is not willing to develop neither her personal nor professional skills.
  4. Thomas does not demonstrate any interest in increasing his productivity.
  5. Rachel visits too many professional courses. She needs to focus on a single thing.
  6. Ingrid talked about learning new software but refused to visit computer skills courses.
  7. Tamara sets personal challenges but does not take enough time to evaluate her progress.
  8. Quentin talked about improving productivity but did not take any actions.
  9. Stephen does not even try to give up bad habits.
  10. David does not show initiative at all. He talks a lot but does nothing.

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