Performance review phrases – Organizing and planning

When an employee faces with a challenging objective, it is common feeling that they are energetic and enthusiastic about the task. However, his/her performance can be significantly reduced due to the internal problems within the organization in relation to managerial function. Organizations are now taking a numerous of approaches to handle these problems in order to maintain the order of the work, accomplishment of targets and timely performance of the tasks. It is also important for employees to know about these approaches in relation to the organization plan and programs, which should be clearly explained to them. So, how to determine if one employee is aware of these approaches or methods or if he/she has a clear understanding about and is focused on them? Referring to the following phrases may be helpful in this consideration:


  1. Nathan is very proactive. He thinks about the future and plans everything far ahead.
  2. Michael is a very organized employee. He is able to prioritize tasks and structure his schedule in order to boost productivity.
  3. Ursula maintains strong organizing skills. She does not procrastinate and always remains productive.
  4. Gwen is capable of keeping a track of multiple things at once. She is exceptionally attentive and organized.
  5. Henry stays organized under high any circumstances. He always makes sure that his files and documents are comprehensible by other employees.
  6. Jennifer is often ahead of schedule thanks to amazing organizing skills.
  7. Frank managed to significantly improve the performance of his team over the course of a year thanks to exceptional planning skills.
  8. Ronald finishes all his tasks within deadlines and never makes mistakes in paperwork.
  9. Be creative and logical in addressing a matter of work.
  10. Be quick in finding information.
  11. Be capable of planning and organizing the work in timely manner.

Exceeds Requirements/More than Satisfactory:

  1. Trevor cleverly uses the calendar and other organizing tools to save time.
  2. Max always keeps his workplace tidy and organized.
  3. Harry can easily find any specific file on his computer. He keeps all the data well organized.
  4. Janet demonstrates excellent organization in most of her projects.
  5. Peter has developed his own system for organizing things at work. It seems to be working great so far.
  6. Clarissa keeps all the files and folders organized. Most of the other members of her team perfectly understand her organizing system.
  7. Rachel is able to find any information required for the project in a timely manner.
  8. Gregory’s supervisor notes him for amazing organizational skills.
  9. Demonstrate a good organization and planning skill.
  10. Be responsible for the work and ready to stay up late to ensure the work is performed well.
  11. James creates an invigorating atmosphere for colleagues, making them more productive.

Meets Expectations/Satisfactory:

  1. Jennifer keeps her work desk clean and tidy, but her computer is just a chaotic mess of files and folders.
  2. Emma is effective at organizing team meetings, but she fails to develop a strategy-based roadmap for the company.
  3. Jennifer always has backup plans, but most of them do not work properly.
  4. Robert considers alternatives when developing a strategy. However, he does not put enough effort into reviewing less obvious options.
  5. Quentin is able to manage multiple tasks at once, but most of his files and documents are in disorder.
  6. Sandra is great at organizing various media events, but her ability to plan ahead is under question.
  7. Quentin is very organized when working on difficult projects. However, he does not treat small assignments seriously and makes many mistakes in paperwork.
  8. Trevor uses a systematic and orderly approach to accomplish his tasks, but his methods of work are rather slow.
  9. Elizabeth tries to anticipate potential problems in advance, but most of her guesses turn out to be wrong.
  10. Stick to deadlines and meet the production benchmarks.
  11. Work toward an organized and comfortable working environment.

Provisional/Needs Improvement:

  1. Ingrid is overly concerned with planning. She spends too much time thinking about alternatives instead of focusing on the work.
  2. Rebecca requires a very long time to find documents. She has to develop a better organizing system.
  3. George is obsessed with neatness. He spends too much time on paperwork.
  4. Sometimes Peter fails to keep his workplace in order. He needs to spend more time on organizing things.
  5. Abigail always looks into details, ignoring the big picture. She needs to increase her planning skills.
  6. Jeremy proposes decent plans but does not contribute to the work much.
  7. Rachel establishes unrealistic plans that are impossible to meet. She needs to put more time into analyzing before setting deadlines.
  8. Cindy is bad at planning. Most of the strategies proposed by her are ineffective in the long term.
  9. Christopher uses an unreasoned organizing system that is incomprehensible to other employees.
  10. Meet difficulties in understanding the strategy of the company or narrating a conceptual ideal of the managers.


  1. Oliver demonstrates a severe lack of organization in most aspects of work.
  2. Yvonne is not able to develop a sustainable course of action without supervision.
  3. Harry is too unorganized. He quickly gets lost in details and therefore is not suitable for difficult projects.
  4. Monica never plans ahead. She is bad at scheduling and organizing, which leads to mistakes and missed deadlines.
  5. Francesca’s workplace is dirty and unorganized. She needs to become neater.
  6. David is terrible at paperwork. He does not categorize documents and makes many mistakes.
  7. John never follows the template. His paperwork does not meet the company’s standards.
  8. Jessica frequently does not understand the strategies proposed by other employees.
  9. Bruce fails to arrange his schedule properly. He does not accomplish the assigned tasks in time because of the lack of organization.
  10. Paul is bad at organizing team brainstorming sessions. He cobbles them together on short notice and does not put enough effort into preparation.


The sample of performance review phrases for organizing and planning is a great/helpful tool for periodical/annual job performance appraisal. Note that, organizing and planning review phrase can be positive or negative and your performance review can be effective or bad/poor activities for your staffs.

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