Performance review phrases – Negotiation

Negotiation skills are required to negotiate better deals with the company’s partners and clients.


  1. Peter has successfully negotiated agreements that resulted in many new projects for our company.
  2. Helen has a talent for persuasion. Our clients agree with most of the ideas proposed by her.
  3. Every agreement made by Marta is highly profitable for the company.
  4. Gloria takes the needs of the company’s stakeholders when negotiating deals.
  5. James is able to negotiate a compromise with any person.
  6. Julia never lets emotions cloud her judgment in negotiations.
  7. Paul does not make agreements that do not meet the company’s interests.
  8. Samantha always looks at the situation from the other side’s perspective, which makes her a highly successful negotiator.
  9. Cindy uses reasons rather than emotions in negotiations.
  10. Susan makes solid business contracts and agreements.

Exceeds Requirements/More than Satisfactory:

  1. Trevor considers most contingencies when making agreements.
  2. Alfred is able to determine the best moment to start negotiations.
  3. Stephen thinks quickly during negotiation sessions.
  4. George is responsible for many profitable agreements.
  5. Harry is able to find a creative solution to meet the needs of both parties.
  6. Our partners are happy with agreements proposed by Ronald.
  7. Laura highlights how our products stand out from competitors to make good business agreements.
  8. Most negotiations conducted by James go smoothly.
  9. Ingrid remains calm and avoids getting emotional in negotiations.
  10. Monica is always prepared for negotiation sessions.

Meets Expectations/Satisfactory:

  1. Jennifer strictly follows the company’s policies when negotiating.
  2. Emma can be trusted to negotiate in the interests of our company.
  3. Arnold knows how to spark the interest of potential partners.
  4. Samantha listens to other people’s opinion when making agreements.
  5. Janice always keeps her supervisor in touch with the negotiation process.
  6. Monica has strong negotiation skills.
  7. Yvonne uses legal advice during negotiation if needed.
  8. Edward makes a great first impression on the company’s partners.
  9. Thomas is good at negotiating workplace conflicts.
  10. Abigail remains objective even during controversial negotiations.

Provisional/Needs Improvement:

  1. Sometimes Elaine comes unprepared for negotiation sessions.
  2. Michael lacks the confidence to negotiate with important partners of the company.
  3. Personal issues often distract Albert during negotiations.
  4. Robert does not make personal connections with people, which makes negotiation sessions less productive.
  5. Brian is very impatient. He becomes nervous when negotiations drag out.
  6. Wendy gets emotional during negotiations very frequently.
  7. Rebecca talks too much during negotiations.
  8. Sometimes Aaron walks into negotiations without having any background information.
  9. Nigel fails to demonstrate the value of our company’s products.
  10. Portia does not make back-up plans for negotiations.


  1. Ronald does not conduct research or information gathering before negotiations.
  2. Samantha signs contracts and agreements without reading them first.
  3. Thomas fails to remain objective during heated negotiations.
  4. Olivia gets too emotional about negotiations. She needs to start controlling her emotions.
  5. Hayden makes many paperwork mistakes when preparing contracts.
  6. Most of the negotiations conducted by Marta result in losses for the company.
  7. David makes ambitious and unreasonable demands.
  8. Susan is not able to negotiate a successful deal with anyone.
  9. Rachel fails to prepare for negotiations. She needs to put more effort into research.
  10. Donald is a close-minded person who refuses to consider proposals of other people.

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