Performance review phrases – Long-range planning

Long-range planning is a set of analytical activities required to outline visions, goals and objectives of a company. You can use performance review phrases for long-range planning as follows:


  1. Peter perfectly understands the big picture.
  2. Quentin develops clear plans that help to move the company in the right direction.
  3. Marta regularly reviews the long-term strategic plan to increase productivity.
  4. Arthur designs good strategic plans that can be easily corrected if necessary.
  5. Gloria has created a diverse and optimized planning team that include managers from every department of the company.
  6. Harry is able to influence other people without offending them.
  7. Julia thoroughly analyzes the factors outside the company when developing a long-range plan.
  8. Robert easily balances the long-range strategic plan of the company with his everyday work.
  9. Bruce listens to other people regardless of their position when working on a long-term strategic plan.
  10. Brad understands the company’s vision and develops appropriate strategic plans.

Exceeds Requirements/More than Satisfactory:

  1. Trevor regularly conducts the analysis of the company and makes realistic financial forecasts.
  2. Angelina is good at delegating tasks to subordinates. She understands their strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Philipp anticipates needs of his projects well in advance.
  4. George outlines strategies and establishes appropriate short-term objectives.
  5. Jennifer has come up with a good long-range plan, which saved a lot of money for the company.
  6. During long-range planning sessions, Harry brings views of regular employees to the table.
  7. Jack holds himself fully accountable for strategic plans.
  8. Frank develops complex and comprehensive strategic plans yet makes sure every employee understands it.
  9. Laura prioritizes tasks very well. She knows what objective needs to be finished first according to the company’s long-range plans.
  10. Helen uses the latest strategic planning techniques when developing long-range plans.

Meets Expectations/Satisfactory:

  1. Susan sets deadlines to important objectives and sticks to them to improve long-range planning.
  2. Nigel proposes doable and practical plans.
  3. Emma incorporates important stakeholders into the long-range plans.
  4. Bruce effectively uses professional strategic planning software.
  5. Albert always gets in touch with vendors and suppliers before approving long-range strategies.
  6. Rachel is able to develop both long-range strategies and short-term plans.
  7. Samantha delivers instructions, updates and feedback to his team on time.
  8. Monica takes the company’s vision into account when building long-range strategies.
  9. Oliver is always ready to amend his strategic plan.
  10. Abigail has composed a planning team in order to build a strong long-range strategy.

Provisional/Needs Improvement:

  1. Jerry never makes proper contingency plans. His long-range strategies are too risky.
  2. Bruce does not identifies customer needs when developing long-range plans.
  3. Elaine always leaves planning to the last moment. She needs to become more focused.
  4. Peter is bad at breaking his long-range plans down into manageable everyday tasks.
  5. Aaron does not demonstrate a strategic mindset required for long-range planning.
  6. Edward develops plans with unworkable schedules.
  7. Brian is not able to align and integrate his strategies with the operational plans of the company.
  8. Hayden tries to achieve too many goals at once, which makes his long-range strategies ineffective.
  9. Rebecca never reviews her long-range plans. She needs to check in regularly to make sure her strategy is working.
  10. Trevor is not willing to communicate with stakeholders to discuss long-range plans.


  1. Yvonne does not monitor her long-range plans. She needs to start keeping track of her employees’ progress.
  2. Ronald proposes long-range strategies that do not reflect the company’s business priorities.
  3. Thomas does not want to involve other employees into long-range planning.
  4. Jack becomes overly stressed when his long-range strategies are failing.
  5. Abigail inaccurately conducts needs assessments when developing long-range plans.
  6. Rachel lacks analytical skills to become a good strategic planner.
  7. David fails to translate long-term objectives into clear action plans.
  8. Peter often makes false assumptions when developing long-range strategies.
  9. Wendy does not know what to do when things go out of hands. Her long-term plans are very ineffective because of that.
  10. Michael does not understand the vision of the company.

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