Performance review phrases – Interpersonal skills

Interpersonal skill is your ability to communicate and work well with surrounding people and work under a lot of pressure. Many employers consider this is the most important soft skill that an employee should have. As a result, it position in a performance appraisal is very crucial. This section shall provide employer with appraisal phases for evaluating interpersonal skills.

The interpersonal skills include:
• Excelling or showing promise with other employees, managerial or supervisory relations.
• Identifying the needs of others during routine and/or special projects.
• Being aware of how to create and/or raising positive working relationship with co-workers, clients, management and/or customers.
• Acting on impulse of harmony, communication, understanding, knowledge and/or policy appropriately.


  1. Holly’s interpersonal skill is which keeps her team together and focused and connected toward common goals.
  2. Tim always works hard and takes positive to inspire his co-workers to work more effectively.
  3. In an inconvenient environment, Ryan is able to connect with people and encourage them to do a great job. This is the reason why we appreciate him.
  4. Peter can connect with people in an amazing way. The great personality is attributed in his management role.
  5. In a hard paced environment, Ryan has ability to relate to people and motivate them handle great jobs, this explains why everyone respects him.
  6. Peter is very popular as a work partner. Many employees want to cooperate with him.
  7. Arianna has impeccable conflict management skills. She cultivates a positive attitude among the members of her team.
  8. All the other employees enjoy working with Arnold. He is a very charismatic and endearing person.
  9. People enjoy working with George because he is always attentive to others and care about their concerns.
  10. Tyler is convinced that happy team members can positively affect his own job performance and does his best to establish good relationships with his colleagues.

Exceeds Requirements/More than Satisfactory:

  1. Greg can get into conversation with anybody. He can relate to people around him very well
  2. Jean can work very well with other members in her team. She is dependable, cheerful and energetic.
  3. Jim has good relationships with others and they always speak highly of him
  4. Mary is highly appreciated by coworkers because she is positive and willing to listen
  5. Jack makes people feel comfortable when they are around him. He is very important to our team for his natural ability
  6. George relates to everyone else well regardless of their background.
  7. Nathan facilitates positive interactions between his subordinates.
  8. Samuel does not take for granted any contribution his colleagues make. He always finds time to express his gratitude and appreciation.
  9. Jonathan respects his colleagues opinions and the value they bring to the project.
  10. Greg is ready to have opened conservation with anybody. People around him all want to keep good relationship with him.

Meets Expectations/Satisfactory:

  1. Bill improves himself and works well with coworkers.
  2. Kevin can quickly connect with people and know the good way to relate with them.
  3. Kevin has good interpersonal skill. We can see him establishing relations with many people to get the job done.
  4. Peter’s relation with many people is a great advantage since it helps him complete the tasks more quickly.
  5. Jim tries to work friendly and well with others to get good comments from them.
  6. Marcus respects his colleagues and never distracts them from their work.
  7. Bruce positively interacts with other people regardless of their status.
  8. Henry corrects others without being offensive. Novice employees like dealing with him.
  9. Ingrid is open to improving interpersonal skills. She tries to become more respectful and empathetic.
  10. John is an affable fellow and he has mutual trust with his co-workers.

Provisional/Needs Improvement:

  1. Paula seems to be shy when she is around others and does not take care to establish good relationships with her co-workers
  2. Tim cannot tell “ friend ” from “ coworker ”. He only cares about friendship and does not build good working relationships
  3. Fred should keep on cultivating good relationships with others around him
  4. Tyler rarely shows his appreciation to the contribution others have made which makes his team members upset.
  5. Tim is not good at understanding how crucial good working relationships with fellow team members are.
  6. John creates an excellent impression among the management team, yet his team members can’t stand working with him.
  7. Since Jeremy puts the company’s goals above everything else, he is inclined to ignore personal situations and problems of the team members.
  8. Laura is quick to lose patience. She needs to become more compassionate.
  9. Kevin likes to tell inappropriate jokes that might frustrate other employees.
  10. Nathan criticizes other employees too often.


  1. We can only find upsetting things around Tide. He never appreciates anyone and rarely gives a positive comment on others.
  2. Tim does not understand that having good working relationships with others team members is very important.
  3. Peter’s character is so strong that it may damage the relationship within our team.
  4. John makes an impression that he is a great visionary, but the way he communicates his vision to others is unacceptable.
  5. In his career, Ryan has reached no achievements yet as he always got into bad relationship with other colleagues of
  6. Paula likes to stand alone in her team. She rarely contacts with others and they do not seem to like that, too.
  7. Victor talks behind others’ backs.
  8. Abigail has a very negative She fails to see the positive side of things, which turns clients and other employees off.
  9. Alexander does not acknowledge others’ expertise. He never gives proper credit to his co-workers.
  10. Marta behaves in a passive and aggressive way toward other employees.


Interpersonal Skills Performance Comments

  • Excels or shows promise with other staff, managerial or supervisory relations;
  • Reviews and/or recognizes the needs of others during routine and/or special projects;
  • Understands how to create and/or nurture positive working relationships with coworkers, clients, management and/or customers;
  • Promotes harmony, communication, understanding, knowledge and/or policy appropriately.


The sample of performance review phrases for interpersonal skills is a great/helpful tool for periodical/annual job performance appraisal. Note that, an interpersonal skills review phrase can be positive or negative and your performance review can be effective or bad/poor activities for your staffs.

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