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Innovation is the change in thinking process of doing something in a new way or doing new thing in a useful manner. Innovation means thinking out of the box, challenging the old way of doing things and readily adopting unrecorded methods of performing something. When innovation is considered a core quality that an employee should have and an important criterion in performance review, one should consider the following positive and negative phrases on innovation quality.


  1. John always refers to new approaches in dealing with challenging problems.
  2. Sue applies creative proposals in actual situations.
  3. Monica is contributive to establish a creative collaboration at work.
  4. David is involved in setting up a report system to be utilized in the whole organization.
  5. Daniel is able to change the approach when dealing with new information.
  6. Stephan is able to resolve complex problems in a creative manner.
  7. Gwen demonstrates remarkable creativity. She comes up with innovative solutions for most of her projects.
  8. Gregory thinks outside the box. He consistently generates efficient solutions without prompting and supervision.
  9. Peter contributes many useful ideas in every team project. He has a fresh and alert mind.
  10. George is a valuable asset to the whole team. He brings original contributions to every brainstorming session.
  11. Robert has fixed numerous problems by looking at them from a unique perspective.

Exceeds Requirements/More than Satisfactory:

  1. Julia thinks reasonably and creatively, which allows her to find the best solutions without any hassle.
  2. Jennifer is in a constant search of excellence. She has already generated a ton of ways to improve team efficiency and productivity.
  3. Nathan has a wealth of experience and he is willing to use it. He constantly brings innovative ideas to the table.
  4. Michael is an exceedingly creative person who can find a way out of any stalemate.
  5. As soon as Dennis joined the team, he solved a bunch of long-standing problems through a creative workaround.
  6. Monica has good judgment about which innovative ideas and methods will work in the future and which will not since she has a lot of experience in her field.
  7. Bruce has developed outstanding promotional concepts. Thanks to his efforts, our company’s profit margin got significantly higher.
  8. Abigail contributes workplace improvement ideas that significantly increase the productivity in her department.
  9. Jerome is a confident manager who does not afraid to use innovative leadership strategies. He constantly improves the efficiency of his team.
  10. Marta facilitates effective team meetings that constantly generate good ideas for various business challenges.
  11. Rachel generates innovative ideas aimed to eliminate recurring issues.

Meets Expectations/Satisfactory:

  1. Jessica sees things from a unique angle, which help her to come up with original ideas.
  2. Leonardo is a young employee with creative mind who brings completely unique perspectives to our team.
  3. Mitch always has imaginative ideas for difficult problems in the workplace.
  4. Rachel generates innovative ideas aimed to eliminate recurring issues.
  5. After Tamara redesigned workflow between departments, the overall efficiency of the company has vastly improved.
  6. Bernard fully supports innovation from his subordinates. He understands that dynamic environment is vital for the company’s development.
  7. Harry helps other members of the team when they fail to think innovatively. He gives them good advice and direction.
  8. When Janet’s subordinates suggest new ideas, she enthusiastically embraces them.
  9. Marta praises other employees when they come up with original ways to solve problems.
  10. Fabian surrounds everyone around him with inspiration, creating an innovative work environment.
  11. Helen tries to turn all of her ideas into action.
  12. Quentin takes pains to apply innovative solutions in order to increase productivity in the workplace.

Provisional/Needs Improvement:

  1. Joshue shows a little capacity of innovation and creativity.
  2. Julia has a tendency toward only processing the best information.
  3. Jim is slow at adapting oneself to the change in customer preferences.
  4. Peter is silent at brainstorming sessions. He needs to build self-confidence and start sharing his ideas.
  5. Even though Marta is capable to generate amazing ideas, she rarely brings them to life.
  6. Agatha suppresses creative drive and prefers strictly logical and proven solutions. She needs to become proactive and start to embrace new ideas more often.
  7. Frank is unwilling to learn new work methods. He prefers to use outdated technologies that are not very effective.
  8. Valerie does not like dealing with tasks that require innovative thinking.
  9. Peter is not interested in new technologies. He refuses to visit professional development courses and training seminars.
  10. Samantha does not care about the latest industry trends.


  1. Jennifer fails to gain the trust of the subordinates.
  2. Tom is excessive in applying changes in working without permission.
  3. Tracy fails to encourage others to be creative at work.
  4. Edward does not want to change his thinking style. He uses outdated techniques that do not work well nowadays.
  5. Most of Jack’s ideas are completely inapplicable. He needs to understand that the quality is more important than quantity.
  6. Natalie has implemented numerous ideas but the vast majority of them led to crucial productivity issues.
  7. Jack does not demonstrate any interest in implementing innovative methods of work.
  8. Laura is not willing to use innovative ideas of her subordinates even if they are good.
  9. Abigail is terribly afraid of making a wrong decision. She never takes innovative approaches.
  10. Calvin hates challenges that cannot be accomplished with conventional thinking.


The sample of performance review phrases for innovation is a great/helpful tool for periodical/annual job performance appraisal. Note that, innovation review phrase can be positive or negative and your performance review can be effective or bad/poor activities for your staffs.

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