Performance review phrases – Customer Focus

Customer focus is the ability of a person (or a whole company) to put the customers’ interests first and orient to satisfying their needs by any means necessary. Client-oriented companies are interested in a high-level of service and pay attention to opinions of their customers. The main effect expected of this competence is increased profit of the company as the result of the work done.

Positive performance review phrases for Customer Focus

  1. She is able to work with clients’ objections and cope with them, convincing the customers in the rightness of her point of view.
  2. She can find the approach to any client, even the most critical one.
  3. She is always polite and friendly with her customers and never interrupts them during the conversation.
  4. He cannot afford to disappoint his client. If he has promised to do something, he will certainly fulfill his promise.
  5. He always cares about the clients’ comfort and convenience.
  6. She always tries to take into account the customers’ interests while shaping a commercial offer.
  7. She always finds a way to inform the client about some unexpected changes if any of them appear in the process of work.
  8. He always tries to provide the customers with detailed information on any specific issue which they are interested in.
  9. He implements all contract arrangements and fulfills all obligations to his clients.
  10. His good attitude to the clients makes them use the company’s service again and recommend it to others.
  11. He always tries to provide the customers with detailed information on any specific issue which they are interested in.
  12. He cannot afford to disappoint his clients. If he has promised to do something, he will certainly fulfill his promise.
  13. Abigail is able to find the right approach even to the most demanding customers.
  14. Ben has a very positive attitude. He is always polite and friendly with clients.
  15. Quentin easily creates connections with customers. He is able to mirror a client’s tone and language.
  16. Peter remains graceful and tactful even under pressure from customers.
  17. Wendy understands that customers want to feel heard and does everything she can to make it possible.
  18. George is extremely competent, patient, and professional when dealing with clients.
  19. Lionel truly cares about the convenience and comfort of the company’s clients.
  20. Monica solves customer problems with great care and accuracy.
  21. Gregory is considerate of timeframes. He responds to customers’ request as fast as he can.
  22. Harry thoroughly analyzes feedback in order to improve the quality of the customer services.
  23. Thanks to John’s friendly attitude, his clients tend to use the company’s services more often.
  24. Yvonne provides amazing live chat support. She has strong writing skills and is comfortable with multitasking.
  25. Helen is a very empathetic employee, which makes her a good customer service agent.

Negative performance review phrases for Customer Focus

  1. In order to convince customers to use services of his company, he often criticizes their rivals.
  2. He strives to satisfy his customers’ needs in any situation, even if the company may suffer financially.
  3. She is focused on satisfying wide audience needs, but an individual approach to each client is more appreciated.
  4. She spends too much time on communicating with her clients over the phone.
  5. She always tries to answer all of her clients’ questions immediately, neglecting some of her direct professional duties in the process.
  6. He always tries to support his clients in every situation, even when this support goes beyond his responsibilities.
  7. Sometimes he treats his clients in a too informal manner, crossing the line of the company’s corporate ethics.
  8. She stays in touch at any time, which has a negative impact on her emotional state as she cannot afford to take her mind off her work.
  9. She spends a lot of time and effort on creating good relationships with her clients, whereas the working environment leaves much to be desired.
  10. He can recommend turning to a rival company for the interests of his clients if he has any doubts about his own company’s opportunities.
  11. Jimmy never tries to impress clients.
  12. Peter never smiles and appears uninterested in assisting clients.
  13. Abigail tries to satisfy the needs of her clients by any means, even if it damages the company financially.
  14. Rachel behaves sarcastic when dealing with unhappy customers, which upsets them even more.
  15. Many customers claim that Evan is ignorant and unhelpful.
  16. Gwen is very polite with customers, but she is too slow and ineffective.
  17. Sometimes Marta goes beyond her responsibilities when helping customers.
  18. Michael is not flexible enough to deal with unexpected customer problems.
  19. Paul fails to maintain a friendly attitude and speaks with clients without enthusiasm.
  20. Philipp is very impatient. He tries to end the conversation with a client as fast as it is possible even if their problem is not solved yet.
  21. Cindy cannot satisfy difficult customers. Most of the time her supervisor has to step in to solve the problem.
  22. Francesca tends to patronize people, which annoys many customers. She has to change her attitude.
  23. Jennifer lacks knowledge of our company’s products. She cannot help some customers because of that.
  24. Aaron often tries to win the argument with a customer. He must learn that the client is always right.
  25. David fails to keep commitments given to customers. He misses deadlines and makes up silly excuses, which damages the image of our company.

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