Performance review phrases – Feedback

The ability to provide and accept helpful feedback helps employees to change for the better.


  1. James makes sure his employees receive regular feedback based on their work.
  2. Leo finds the balance between critical feedback and praise to boost the spirit of the team.
  3. Marta receives feedback without hard feelings. She understands that it will help her become a better employee.
  4. Michael is actively involved in the training process for new employees. He offers the necessary feedback to help every newcomer identity mistakes and avoid them in the future.
  5. Olivia understands the difference between professional and personal relationships. She never becomes emotional when delivering feedback neither lets feelings compromise her assessment.
  6. Gwen has a unique approach for every employee when making comments about their work.
  7. Peter gives motivational feedback that reduces the number of mistakes among employees.
  8. Ronald has come up with an effective strategy to collect and process reviews.
  9. Gerald shows appreciation when receiving feedback even when it is negative.
  10. Gabe is interested in feedback from customers and colleagues.

Exceeds Requirements/More than Satisfactory:

  1. Oliver is focused on fixing the issue all the time. He assists employees to fix the problem instead of simply blaming them.
  2. Jennifer always finds the right words to demonstrate employees their mistakes without making them feel bad.
  3. David graciously handles criticism. He knows how beneficial it can be for his career in particular and our company in general.
  4. Evan strives to reduce the number of negative user reviews.
  5. Jeremy listens to all kinds of comments regarding his work, which helps him to perform them more efficiently.
  6. When receiving a negative commentary, Ellen asks questions to get to the roots of the problem.
  7. Valerie strives to meet the expectations of customers according to the provided feedback.
  8. Trevor never starts a debate because of negative feedback. He accepts his mistakes and tries to eliminate them.
  9. Nathan is able to turn constructive feedback into an opportunity. He always takes criticism well.
  10. Frank offers great suggestions to improvement to coworkers.

Meets Expectations/Satisfactory:

  1. Bill’s performance has improved after since he listened to the feedback.
  2. Susan delivers feedback to employees in a professional and polite manner.
  3. George provides each subordinate of his department with detailed commentaries.
  4. Portia regularly reviews the work results of her subordinates.
  5. Emma never overreacts when listening to comments about her work.
  6. Thomas maintains a polite and positive behavior when receiving commentaries from customers.
  7. Even when the feedback is negative, Harry thanks the person who delivers it.
  8. Ronald takes criticism with confidence. He is aware of his negative qualities and tries his best to overcome them.
  9. Michael engages customers to share feedback regarding their experience with our company.
  10. Samantha has never lost her temper when receiving negative feedback directly from the company’s customers.

Provisional/Needs Improvement:

  1. David does not mind receiving feedback but he turns a deaf ear when actually listening to it.
  2. Jerry ignores all the negative comments he receives at the workplace.
  3. Arthur becomes annoyed whenever colleagues hint at his problem qualities. He can’t stand negative commentaries.
  4. Harry takes criticism close to his heart.
  5. Robert fails to express his opinion clearly on someone else’s work. His commentaries are unhelpful.
  6. Richard fails to recognize the benefits of constructive feedback.
  7. Elizabeth does not know when to stop when giving feedback. Her commentaries are too long.
  8. Lucy gets personally offended when the team leader addresses her mistakes.
  9. Emma refuses to accept criticism even when she deserves it.
  10. Arnold includes inappropriate humor in his feedback, which violates the company’s policies.


  1. Vince gives too many unnecessary comments.
  2. Coworkers do not provide Gregory with feedback because he takes it very poorly.
  3. George hates when people are trying to guide him in the right direction.
  4. Rachel only accepts positive feedback.
  5. Agatha gets angry at unhappy clients who dare to express any complaints.
  6. Thomas does not care what people think about her work.
  7. Marta lacks communication skills. She is bad at giving advice.
  8. Michelle is insensitive. Her negative feedback hurts the feelings of the employees.
  9. Sandra’s feedback does not help employees to perform better.
  10. Michael is bad at reviewing other employees’ work.

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