Performance review phrases – Entrepreneurial skills

Entrepreneurial skills encompass a large set of abilities required to successfully bring ideas to life. Employees who possess them are more likely to come up with good and effective solutions to the company’s problems. Entrepreneurial skills are especially important for top-tier managers.


  1. Michael is always well aware of the current situation in the company’s industry.
  2. Robert successfully implements new work processes and improves the existing ones.
  3. Abigail has managed to improve the productivity of her department without increasing costs.
  4. Helen continues to work on challenging projects despite all the obstacles that get into the way.
  5. Marta generates tons of amazing ideas that improve the quality of the company’s products.
  6. Rachel has never made bad decisions. It seems like she perfectly understands how our business is operating.
  7. George is a magnificent speaker who easily finds ways to motivate his entire team.
  8. Trevor always finds the best ways to market the company’s products.
  9. Portia is equally great at prioritizing, scheduling, goal setting, and executing her plans.
  10. Olivia demonstrates incredible discipline. She is entirely focused on her projects and determined to do the best job possible.

Exceeds Requirements/More than Satisfactory:

  1. Maria easily finds a common ground with customers and other employees.
  2. Valerie volunteers to lead difficult projects all the time. She is interested in professional challenges.
  3. Oliver never demonstrates his weaknesses. He has the image of an impeccable entrepreneur.
  4. Edward has built good relationships with important stakeholders. If it was not for him, we would lose them.
  5. Wendy thinks that learning is a never-ending process so she keeps improving her entrepreneurial qualities.
  6. David utilizes a creative approach to the ordinary processes, improving them to perfection.
  7. Emma is a persistent and purposeful person who is ready to go great lengths to fulfill her goals.
  8. Michael believes that he can perform better than the others can and constantly demonstrates it in practice.
  9. Peter is extremely determined to do his job as well as it is even possible.
  10. Yvonne is a living example of a talented top-manager who strives to improve the company’s profits.

Meets Expectations/Satisfactory:

  1. Jennifer has good people skills, which allows her to meet the sales goals every month.
  2. Thomas is always among the first employees to arrive in the office.
  3. Most of the time Sandra is completely focused on her work despite the distractions.
  4. Jerry seems to genuinely like what he does. He is willing to work overtime on some projects.
  5. Rebecca does a decent job of marketing the new products of the company.
  6. Harry has a strategic vision, which helps him to smoothly achieve his long-term goals.
  7. Angelina is a passionate employee who does her best to become a better professional.
  8. Arthur knows that passion is the key to successful entrepreneurship so he tries to stay focused on completing his projects.
  9. Sometimes David tries to discover new solutions and steps out of his comfort zone.
  10. Gwen is eager to try innovative technologies that might improve the profitability of her department.

Provisional/Needs Improvement:

  1. Sometimes Nigel cannot find the right approach to a customer and fails to sell a product.
  2. Ashley lacks the patience required for a good entrepreneur. She is rather compulsive.
  3. Tabitha rarely tries new things. Her solutions are not as efficient as they could be.
  4. Christopher is not a very good team leader. He fails to keep his subordinates motivated.
  5. Cynthia does not seem to be interested in increasing the average revenue per customer.
  6. Trevor is a poor speaker who cannot persuade customers into buying the company’s products.
  7. Bruce is often short of ideas when the problem requires good entrepreneurial skills.
  8. Monica quickly loses interest in projects that turn out to be hard to complete.
  9. Steven does not research the market. He has a bad understanding of the company’s industry.
  10. Michelle underestimates the importance of creative thinking. She does not value this quality in her subordinates.


  1. Rachel does a very bad job of investigating business opportunities.
  2. James severely lacks confidence during public speaking, which makes him a bad candidate for a top management position.
  3. Michael never makes bold decisions that might generate a lot of profits for the company.
  4. Janet has failed to build good relationships with the company’s stakeholders.
  5. Oliver does not define milestones neither makes short-term roadmaps. His team does not have a clear strategic plan to follow.
  6. Juliet cannot handle bad outcomes. She lacks the determination to be an effective manager.
  7. Chuck never had a risk-management strategy, which led his project to a terrible failure.
  8. Sandra does not think outside the box, so she has stopped improving as a professional.
  9. Robert makes terrible business decisions when he acts without supervision.
  10. David has no idea of the latest industry news. He needs to put more effort into research.

Self Evaluation Questions:

  1. Have ever your gut instincts helped you to make the right decision?
  2. How do you determine whether a business idea is good?
  3. What strategy do you use to attract new customers to the company?
  4. Is it hard for you to sell new products to demanding customers?
  5. Are you aware of the latest industry news that might affect your job in any way?
  6. How much time do you need on average in order to come up with a new business strategy?
  7. Do you plan to start your own business someday?
  8. Are you capable of working independently without any supervision?
  9. Can you describe the skills and experience you have that make you a good salesperson?
  10. Are you ready to work overtime in order to complete challenging projects?


The samples of performance review phrases for entrepreneurial skills is a great/helpful tool for periodical/annual job performance appraisal. Note that, entrepreneurial skills review phrases can be positive or negative and your performance review can be effective or bad/poor activities for your staffs.

If no matching phrase is found, you can also see a general list of performance review phrases and choose a more appropriate skill.

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