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Creativity and innovation are necessary requirements for any job. In particular, there are among the most important abilities in manufacturing, R&D, brand building, advertising jobs… However, an innovative workplace is not a guarantee of no failure or mistake. But the importance is how you use the innovation and correct those mistakes to improve yourself as well as improve the performance of your team in a positive way. The entire of employees are encouraged to make creativity or pro-active attitude within the workplace, which will enhance the productivity of groups of people in the whole departments. Initiative in working can increase dedication and loyalty for each employee. Therefore, it is also important to have creative management techniques for work motivation and rewarding team members.

Positive performance review phrases for creativity

  1. Greg shows that he can give creative solutions to solve problems
  2. Holly is clever at facing difficult situations
  3. Julia usually has new viewpoints, so whenever we need a fresh look at a problem, we know we can turn to her
  4. Ryan is an expert in taking creative ideas and change them to solutions
  5. Rachel can handle common problems by creating new and innovative solutions
  6. Harry encourages his teammates to have ideas which have no a form and give more creative solutions
  7. Paul finds out unique ideas very well in meetings
  8. Fred’s creativity is very high. Specifically, he could solved a problem happening with a extra creative solution
  9. Ben does not use common methods to solve a problem. He deals with each situation with a new viewpoint
  10. Ryan knows to quickly adapt to new environment and comes up with brilliant ideas.
  11. Rachel is good at solving problems by creative solutions.
  12. Harry is very encouraging everyone in his team to think openly and come up with new solutions to handle tasks.
  13. Creating new and innovative solutions to common problems is John’s strength.
  14. Harry motivates his teammates to think outside of the box and to be more creative with solutions.
  15. Paul is proficient in extracting unique ideas out of people in meetings but not at all situations.
  16. Bill always knows how to bring his team members a creative working environment to get work motivation.
  17. How creative Jim is. He has helped us very much with improving our time-efficiency and productivity.
  18. Lionel always tries to take a creative approach to problem-solving.
  19. Laura is not afraid to try alternative solutions to common problems.
  20. Olivia shows great interest in using new work techniques. She undertakes hard tasks to try fresh solutions in practice.
  21. Peter strives to build a healthy work environment that would encourage creativity.
  22. Rachel promotes creative thinking and appreciates employees who invent original solutions.
  23. Henry demonstrates the willingness to change the direction when a better way to accomplish the task comes up.
  24. Violet uses all the potential of her creative mind to find workable solutions to difficult problems.
  25. Natalie contributes dozens of innovative ideas at every brainstorm session.
  26. When dealing with difficult tasks, Michael tries to consider all the alternatives. He readily chooses innovative solutions that might turn out to be more effective than the proven ones.

Negative performance review phrases for creativity

  1. Jean does care about the creative side of her team and always ignores the innovate employees reporting to her
  2. Rachel does not encourage her team to make solutions creatively
  3. Frank has seemed to be a rigid manager, but if he thought in a more flexible way, it would do him well
  4. Eve is unwilling to work issues outside of her skill set any more. This her troubleshooting ability and her career development
  5. Henry does not usually innovate. If he does, it is reluctant
  6. Trent can not make new ideals
  7. Jennifer seems unwilling to consider new or interesting ideas, even when the team runs out of your run-of-the-mill ideas
  8. Wendy is not flexible to create new ideals when we need
  9. Kyle usually damages new ideas and innovations on his team.
  10. Jean is unable to adapt herself to work with creativity and doesn’t seem to value new ideas suggested to her.
  11. It is difficult for Kevin to think out of the box and coming up with a creative solution to an existing problem is an unfeasible task for him.
  12. Jim tends to act before thinking, so his new idea cannot help him anyway if he acts like that.
  13. Frank has a tendency to be a matter-of-fact manager, but in his position, thinking in a more resourceful manner would do him well.
  14. Eve has not capability to work on issues beyond her skill set. So she has troubles in her career progression.
  15. Bob has not upheld his creative potential in job so far. He should strike a balance between being pragmatic and creative.
  16. Terry is conservative person; he does not listen to alternatives or ideas other than the ones he develops, which limits creativity of his team.
  17. Jennifer is too much conservative. She is reluctant to new ideas and approaches but her work only stays at one spot and improves nothing.
  18. Abigail does not have the courage to try innovative solutions. She prefers to do all the work the old-fashioned way.
  19. Wendy hates tasks that have to be solved through creative thinking. She severely lacks ingenuity.
  20. Mortimer does not promote creativity in the workplace. He prohibits subordinates from implementing new solutions.
  21. Bruce is unimaginative and conservative. He thinks that trying new solutions is too risky.
  22. When the task cannot be accomplished with a proven method, Richard fails to finish it.
  23. Quentin is useless at team meetings because all of his suggestions are banal and obvious.
  24. Our customers think that Cindy’s ideas are too simple and unimaginative.


The sample of performance review phrases for creativity is a great/helpful tool for periodical/annual job performance appraisal. Note that, creativity review phrase can be positive or negative and your performance review can be effective or bad/poor activities for your staffs.

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