Performance review phrases – Consistency

Consistency is the ability to replicate positive behavior on a regular basis. It shows how well an employee fits their workplace environment. Consistent and reliable people provide steady results every day.


  1. Edward never refuses to provide his professional support to colleagues.
  2. Jennifer demonstrates impressive learning abilities by mastering new technologies every month.
  3. Ronald is a dependable employee who delivers good results on a regular basis.
  4. Arthur thoroughly follows the plan to achieve the company’s goal.
  5. Portia completes most of the tasks ahead of schedule thanks to her amazing diligence.
  6. Christopher remains a hard-working employee in any situation.
  7. Olivia has never given any reasons to doubt her professionalism.
  8. Robert consistently generates great ideas even under tight deadlines.
  9. Elaine’s supervisor can always rely on her since she never refuses to work overtime.
  10. George always keeps all of his promises and meets every deadline.

Exceeds Requirements/More than Satisfactory:

  1. Oliver has never been late to work ever since he joined our company.
  2. Tabitha always avoids mistakes by consistently proofreading her paperwork.
  3. Susan regularly sets personal goals and stays motivated to follow through them.
  4. Monica is a trustworthy person who stands like a rock in matters of principle.
  5. Harry consistently performs his workplace responsibilities without any issues.
  6. Bruce stands for what he values and never gives up on his personal views.
  7. Janet constantly takes initiative in the workplace and actually matches her words with deeds.
  8. Ingrid consistently improves her professional skills to earn a promotion without asking for one.
  9. David has been steadily increasing sales since he became the head of the department.
  10. Nathan does his best to stay in control of the situation no matter what.

Meets Expectations/Satisfactory:

  1. Every day Harry gets a little bit closer towards achieving his personal goals.
  2. Benjamin improves his professional skills by consistently taking courses.
  3. George follows a personal schedule, which helps him to work more consistently.
  4. Aaron never makes promises and commitments that he will not be able to meet.
  5. Valerie prevents most conflicts in the bud to maintain a healthy workplace environment.
  6. Quentin has not made any mistakes in his paperwork for over a year of active work.
  7. Paul continues to work even after making mistakes or facing obstacles.
  8. Xavier demonstrates satisfactory results regardless of his personal problems.
  9. Most of the time Linda manages to complete her tasks on schedule.
  10. Michelle has set up an effective communication system to build a consistent work environment.

Provisional/Needs Improvement:

  1. Gregory often fails to provide his weekly reports on time because of distractions.
  2. Rachel does not engage in training so she is slowly losing her professional skills.
  3. Sometimes Cindy does not follow the dress code and violates the company’s policies.
  4. Michael quickly loses motivation and becomes less productive after a failure.
  5. Jennifer fails to develop worthwhile habits that could improve her productivity.
  6. Olivia makes too many mistakes in her paperwork. She needs to start taking classes.
  7. Ellie gets overwhelmed with unreachable personal goals she sets for herself.
  8. Yvonne does not have a personal schedule. Sometimes it damages her productivity.
  9. Sophie never takes responsibility for mistakes. She does not want to address her weaknesses.
  10. Angelina is overburdened with personal goals that are hard to achieve. She needs to focus on the most important objectives that are actually doable.


  1. Edward does not keep his word. He often makes promises but fails to keep them.
  2. Harold never uses the training opportunities provided by the company.
  3. Nigel fails to focus on his main job. Thus, he provides inconsistent results.
  4. Bruce makes too many mistakes, which severely damages his productivity.
  5. Janet does not follow through on some of her commitments due to poor focus.
  6. Olivia constantly makes mistakes in the workplace and does not address them in any way.
  7. David does not meet the expectations of his new personal manager.
  8. Monica gives too many promises and end ups failing the most of them.
  9. Rebecca’s productivity relies heavily on her mood. She needs to become more professional.
  10. Steven quickly gives up after facing a problem he cannot solve within a small period.

Self Evaluation Questions:

  1. How often do you modify your personal goals and plans?
  2. Do you always keep your promises and commitments?
  3. Have you ever lost motivation after facing an unexpected obstacle?
  4. Is completing tasks within tight deadlines difficult for you?
  5. Do you reward yourself for being a consistent employee?
  6. Are you ready to adjust to new working conditions if needed?
  7. What motivational tools do you use to maintain consistency?
  8. Do you ever get tired of the everyday routine at work?
  9. Are you staying consistent in every aspect of your life?
  10. How do you stay consistent when things do not go as you expected?


The samples of performance review phrases for consistency is a great/helpful tool for periodical/annual job performance appraisal. Note that, consistency review phrases can be positive or negative and your performance review can be effective or bad/poor activities for your staffs.

If no matching phrase is found, you can also see a general list of performance review phrases and choose a more appropriate skill.

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