Performance review phrases – Conflict management

Conflict management is the set of practices aimed at reducing the negative effects of conflicts.


  1. Peter nips most conflicts in the bud.
  2. Gloria always finds a way to cheer up disappointed customers.
  3. Maria knows how to listen well. She practices active listening to reduce misunderstanding between employees.
  4. James empowers his subordinates to resolve conflicts on their own.
  5. Robert always sticks to the facts. He never lets his emotions impact conflict resolution.
  6. Whenever a conflict arises within the team, Julia finds a solution that meets the needs of all parties.
  7. Paul sees every workplace conflict as an opportunity for growth and improvement.
  8. Samantha successfully prevents conflicts from escalating out of control.
  9. Other employees seek Michael’s advice when dealing with conflict situations.
  10. Susan never gets personal when resolving workplace conflicts.

Exceeds Requirements/More than Satisfactory:

  1. Alfred easily finds common ground with customers and other employees.
  2. Bruce thoroughly analyzes conflicts to find the most adequate resolutions.
  3. George actively listens to both parties when resolving conflicts between subordinates.
  4. Harry always has a positive attitude. He rarely gets in conflict situations.
  5. Donald is committed to collaborate and listen to others in order to solve conflicts.
  6. Laura understands when she has to find a compromise.
  7. Henry brings out the best in others to resolve conflicts quietly.
  8. Monica keeps her team motivated on the common goal. Her subordinates rarely complain and quarrel.
  9. Jeremy is able to put others at ease and defuse the situation.
  10. Marta easily converses with coworkers and customers.

Meets Expectations/Satisfactory:

  1. Jennifer has resolved all conflicts with colleagues and made her enemies into friends.
  2. Janice works on her communicating skills to reduce misunderstanding in the workplace.
  3. Oliver never gets personally involved in conflicts of other employees.
  4. Monica remains calm and professional during tough disputes.
  5. Emma is willing to listen to other people’s opinion.
  6. James never points finger at others in difficult situations.
  7. Thomas is ready to apologize in order to end the dispute.
  8. Aaron has improved his listening skills over the last year. He rarely starts conflicts now.
  9. Yvonne avoids name-calling and exaggerations during arguments.
  10. Trevor maintains confidentiality during conflicts to prevent rumors.

Provisional/Needs Improvement:

  1. Michael is not willing to give up during arguments.
  2. Albert tends to start unnecessary conflicts when stressed.
  3. Robert refuses to consider other people’s ideas.
  4. Alfred is not able to resolve heated conflicts between some employees.
  5. Brian becomes overly defensive in conflict situations.
  6. Rebecca is a close-minded person who rarely changes her mind.
  7. James is insensitive to the efforts and feelings of subordinates.
  8. Olivia initiates conflicts with less experienced employees.
  9. Portia fails to maintain positive relationships with some members of the team.
  10. Nigel is not able to find common ground with others.


  1. Monica fails to resolve interpersonal conflicts between subordinates.
  2. Samantha wants to do everything better than everyone else, which leads to conflict situations.
  3. Peter lacks empathy. He frustrates other employees with harsh comments.
  4. Olivia takes sides when resolving workplace conflicts. She needs to treat all employees fairly.
  5. Hayden causes conflicts between coworkers by spreading rumors.
  6. Maria is always focused on winning the argument. She needs to behave in a more professional manner.
  7. David has used profanity in conflict situations several times.
  8. Rachel fails to build healthy relationships with coworkers. He argues with others all the time.
  9. Edward has an ongoing conflict with several members of the team.
  10. Michael argues with others over trivial things.

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