Performance review phrases – Commitment

Commitment is a characteristic of a person that means that he/she is willing to do their best in order to get the work done. Committed employees are loyal, fast, creative and enthusiastic because they devote their time and energy to something they believe in. Thus, their job has the highest quality and is done in time. Obviously, this characteristic is of a very high worth for an employer. Below you can see example phrases for a review.


  1. Walter is a big-picture thinker as he is willing to expand new horizons for the company.
  2. Sue is thirsty for skills and knowledge. She always challenges herself to perform the tasks to the best possible standard.
  3. Sofia strives for new challenges, expanding her experience.
  4. Michael always anticipates problems and thinks of creative solutions.
  5. William is a perfectionist. He does not stop until the result of his work is excellent.
  6. Eddie always completes extensive research before choosing the final solution.
  7. Valerie demonstrates his commitment to quality at every stage of the production.
  8. John shows much interest in the project and he constantly generates new ideas.
  9. Gloria demonstrates a strong sense of commitment, which is appreciated by customers.
  10. Aaron willingly learns new technologies that help him to perform his job better.

Exceeds Requirements/More than Satisfactory:

  1. Alan often stays late until the goals are met.
  2. Jeremy consistently acts within the company’s guidelines.
  3. Quentin is ready to work overtime whenever it is needed for the team.
  4. Bruce keeps all his promises. He is extremely dedicated to the job.
  5. Lionel is dedicated to his team. He is ready to assist his coworkers whenever required.
  6. Nathan does not mind to stay late in order to meet the deadline.
  7. George supports our company by maintaining a positive attitude and high productivity.
  8. Emma makes her subordinates to respect the rules and policies of the company.
  9. Elisabeth does not take a break before she finishes the job. She is a result-oriented person.
  10. Edward is always ready to help other employees.

Meets Expectations/Satisfactory:

  1. Sandra is self-motivated and strives to complete all the tasks on time.
  2. Leonardo aligns his goals with those of a company.
  3. Daniel does not need much direction from above – his has a strong work ethic.
  4. Elisabeth cares about the company’s progress.
  5. Robert follows directions with great precision.
  6. Kylie questions unclear instructions to make sure she does the job right.
  7. Helen does whatever is necessary to meet the company’s standards.
  8. Marta consistently demonstrates a committed attitude.
  9. Michael is loyal to the company, which makes him a very reliable employee.
  10. Rachel is always concentrated on the task during business hours.

Provisional/Needs Improvement:

  1. Jennifer often takes breaks and she performs most of her tasks unwillingly.
  2. Kate often tries to leave for home earlier.
  3. John always talks to his colleagues when it is time for work. He distracts a lot and it takes him a lot of time to complete any task.
  4. Jessi is never willing to work overtime, even if the job requires it. He does not want to work beyond his usual scheduled 40 hours.
  5. Julia takes any chance not to do her job. She takes breaks which are twice as long as they are supposed to be.
  6. Oliver wants to work on the easiest projects. He does not seem to care about the company.
  7. Benedict leaves work early even when he has unfinished tasks.
  8. Vanessa has missed dozens of brainstorming meetings throughout last year.
  9. Sometimes Wendy fails to follow the directions of her supervisor.
  10. Kyle makes many personal phone calls right in the middle of the workday, which lowers the productivity.


  1. She does not perform her official duties.
  2. Victor shows no interest in his job.
  3. Cindy is apathetic about improving her performance. He does not want to learn new skills.
  4. Michael often tries to make other people finish his job.
  5. Monica has no allegiance to our company.
  6. Richard is not committed to his team. He often blames coworkers for his own mistakes.
  7. Gwen never tries to improve her performance.
  8. Jake fails to meet tight deadlines due to lack of dedication.
  9. Paul is often late for work without any significant reasons.
  10. Frank does not observe punctuality in the workplace.

Self Evaluation Questions:

  1. How often do you perform extra work outside your actual job responsibilities?
  2. Are you aware of the company’s big picture?
  3. What do you do to encourage your subordinates to work harder?
  4. Are you afraid of challenging projects?
  5. Do your own goals ever distract you from completing the goals of your team?
  6. How many times have you stayed late at work to perform your tasks in time?
  7. What motivates you to work harder?
  8. Are you passionate about what you do in the company?
  9. Do you feel a connection to your job?
  10. What do you do to stay committed to the company’s objectives?

The sample of performance review phrases for commitment is a great/helpful tool for periodical/annual job performance appraisal. Note that, a commitment review phrase can be positive or negative and your performance review can be effective or bad/poor activity for your staffs.

If no matching phrase is found, you can also see a general list of performance review phrases and choose a more appropriate skill.

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