Performance review phrases – Attitude

Attitude toward work is the most important criterion in performance appraisals, especially for those companies who value customer service very much. A good attitude of employees will further enhance the quality of customer service while a poor attitude will cause a negative customer experience and as a consequence, they may not come to buy the products anymore. Sale agents may make mistakes but if they have a good attitude toward customers, those mistakes can be forgiven. On the other hand, no matter how good the products you offer are, if your attitude is poor, customers may still not buy your products. Therefore, this factor must be carefully considered in determining an employee’s performance and decide a wage rate for him/her.


  1. Jennifer is willing to face challenging tasks. Thanks to her attitude, she is among the most productive employees in the team.
  2. Vladimir is a direct, honest and straightforward boss. He acts as a role model for his subordinates.
  3. Harry is a true team player. He creates a positive atmosphere in the workplace, boosting the morale of other employees.
  4. Clyde is always upbeat and optimistic. His attitude makes him an exceptional customer service employee.
  5. Sara does even need to be asked for help. She strives to assist her colleagues, using her experience for the benefit of the team.
  6. Toby starts each workday with a big smile on his face. His positive attitude makes him a highly productive employee.
  7. George is a highly effective team player. He understands the importance of integrity in the workplace.
  8. Evan handles criticism like a true professional. He listens to other people’s opinion and strives to become a better employee.
  9. Tom has an innovative attitude. He is not afraid to try something new or look for a different way to solve a problem.
  10. Abigail radiates positive energy, making everyone else more upbeat. She dives into every project with a huge interest and approaches every situation as an opportunity.
  11. Bob always has a positive attitude and he makes others feel good when he’s around.
  12. Jane is always enthusiastic and helps motivate team members.
  13. Tori is quick to congratulate coworkers and builds trust within her team.
  14. Thom is such a very good salesperson that he can maintain his calm and cheerful attitude under any circumstance.
  15. Angle has got a strong personality. She never lets emotion or comments of others interfere with her work. She works very well as a after-sale service agent.
  16. Though Bob is frequently put in difficult situations when he has to deal with complaining customers, he always looks for the bright side and therefore, these customers are almost satisfied with his service.
  17. Jonathan is highly cooperative and cheerful. He makes the rest of the team feel great.
  18. Tamara consistently shows initiative and creativity. Thanks to that attitude, she can find the most effective solution to any problem.

Exceeds Requirements/More than Satisfactory:

  1. Lora always tries to make customers happy. Her broad smile and positive attitude is the reason why clients like her so much.
  2. Bill encourages coworkers in the right time and creates an environment where his team trust together.
  3. Even unexpected situations and tight deadlines do not change Clark’s positive attitude.
  4. Bill has a humorous character, so others feel good when he’s around.
  5. Alison’s friendly demeanor quickly resolves conflict situations inside the team. She cheers up everyone around her.
  6. Susan is a friendly and outgoing employee. Customers adore her.
  7. Julia emphasize the positive in most situations.
  8. Ted has such a calm mind that we are always surprised at how he deals with problems.
  9. Tom always looks for the bright side and knows to evaluate his position in difficult circumstances.
  10. Jenny succeeds partly thanks to her positive attitude toward everything.
  11. Tom frequently has a positive viewpoint and we appricate his attitude when he makes decisions in the difficult situations
  12. Donald remains calm and self-confident in any situation. He believes in himself, which helps him to accomplish even the hardest tasks.
  13. Inna can deal with any unexpected problem thanks to a calm and professional attitude.
  14. Monica is a dedicated employee who enjoys her job and respects both colleagues and customers.
  15. Force majeure circumstances do not affect Stephen’s attitude. He can solve any problem with firmness and professionalism.
  16. Gwen meets even the tightest deadlines because she has a very responsible attitude.
  17. He has willingness to help out when needed even if the means working overtime or weekends.
  18. Marta always has a broad smile on her face, which improves the mood of the entire team.

Meets Expectations/Satisfactory:

  1. Julia emphasize the positive in most situations.
  2. Ted has such a calm mind that we are always surprised at how he deals with problems.
  3. Jennifer maintains a professional and friendly attitude.
  4. Jimmy is a cheerful person so it is a real pleasure to be around him.
  5. Saul is an enthusiastic and energetic employee, willing to succeed.
  6. Gregory is always focused on getting things done. His attitude makes other employees more productive.
  7. Jane has a very positive and contagious attitude. No wonder she is one of the most beloved leaders in our company.
  8. Being a friendly and positive person, Jack encourages the rest of the staff to do the best for the sake of the company.
  9. Emma is an extremely friendly and supportive person. Sometimes she stays at work past her shift just to help other employees.
  10. Arnold helps to maintain a productive work environment. His professional attitude makes other employees more confident and focused.
  11. Victor is very nice to other people. He maintains a positive attitude regardless of the situation.
  12. Tom is very level-headed and handles stressful situations with ease.
  13. Marta devotes all her energy on the tasks assigned to her. She is a very committed person.
  14. Jenny is always positive. It is his special attitude.
  15. Bruce has never made offensive comments at work. He is a very polite and friendly person.
  16. Rachel has a courteous attitude when dealing with customers. She remains calm and professional in any situation.
  17. Quentin is an experienced manager who anticipates customer needs. He makes everything he can in order to solve their problems in advance.
  18. It is always nice to be around Natalie. She is an optimistic and reliable employee, committed to the company.

Provisional/Needs Improvement:

  1. Jim’s team reports to him productively, but he has some contradictions with other managers which must be resolved
  2. George is very composed – unfortunately, the level of the attitude isn’t good. He should improve his attitude by working
  3. Kevin usually breaks work when company meetings finished and announced difficult decisions
  4. John seems reserved lately, as if what he was doing did not connect with him.
  5. We can see Terry is not satisfied with his work easily. He should not to think about how his display affects those around him.
  6. Jim frequently show that he is better than coworkers. He is not friendly and is rude to them
  7. Samantha can be quarrelsome sometimes. She makes other employees nervous.
  8. James rarely helps other people. He needs to become more supportive.
  9. Hayden needs to be prompted to stop daydreaming. She takes too much time to accomplish her work.
  10. Jack often uses his cellphone during team meetings. He needs to change his attitude and become more respectful.
  11. Marta is not cooperative. She would be much more helpful if she changed her attitude.
  12. Jane is careless and unmotivated, which ultimately slows the team down.
  13. Tom is very emotional and does not handle stressful situations well.
  14. Bill has a bad viewpoint at times. This may be damage all the team.


  1. Jim tends to be so superior to his colleagues that no one wants to work with him.
  2. Walter frequently behaves in an unpleasant manner.
  3. Terry turns everyone down. We shouldn’t have assigned the task to him. His bad attitude has astonishingly ruined our reputation.
  4. John continues to talk negatively in relation to projects or tasks that he assigned. His boss is displeased with his negative attitude.
  5. Bill always sees thing on the worst side so that he has a tendency to depress everyone working with him.
  6. Simply to say, such bad attitude of Jim shall ruin our performance. We couldn’t attract any customers if he were to stay in our team.
  7. Maybe Lindsay is a good person; however, there are many times that she can’t control her emotions and is easy to burst out. That quality of hers is not suitable to our sales team.
  8. Being in a bad mood, Abigail creates tension in the workplace. She has to separate her personal life and work.
  9. Jonathan is a pessimistic and frown person. Customers do not like dealing with him because of his attitude.
  10. Rachel has serious problems with handling stressful situations. Her nervous attitude damages the productivity of the entire team.
  11. Monica cannot stand new employees. She is too impatient and negative.
  12. Ethan is a smart employee, but his attitude towards work is awful. He is too sloppy and inattentive.
  13. Bob is somewhat pessimistic and his moods affect other employees.
  14. Tori often complains about coworkers and builds resentment within her team.

Self Evaluation Questions:

  1. Do you always wear a smile on your face when communicating with customers?
  2. Have you ever lost your temper at work?
  3. What is your technique to calm yourself down in stressful situations?
  4. Are you getting along well with colleagues?
  5. What do you do to improve your mood?
  6. Do you let your personal problems affect your workplace attitude?
  7. Are you always ready to assist coworkers when they need your help?
  8. What do you do to release anxiety?
  9. How do you manage your stress level?
  10. Do you follow workplace etiquette rules?


The sample of performance review phrases for attitude is a great/helpful tool for periodical/annual job performance appraisal. Note that, an attitude review phrase can be positive or negative and your performance review can be effective or bad/poor activities for your staffs.

If no matching phrase is found, you can also see a general list of performance review phrases and choose a more appropriate skill.

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