Performance review phrases – Attendance

Among factors to evaluate an employee, attendance and punctuality are simple but very important though. However, they are also sensitive issues to any employee as they usually don’t like debating on their lateness at work or spending too much time on lunch or break. Nevertheless, as the manager of a firm, you must be very careful and user proper performance appraisal phases to address these matters.


  1. Kevin’s attendance is one thing that we can reward him. He never turns up late. He never leaves his job early. That’s a mirror for others to follow.
  2. Chris is great at time management. He is one of the most punctual members of the team.
  3. Maria maintains high standards of work and never misses even the tightest deadlines.
  4. Vladimir is an example for his colleagues since he has a perfect attendance record.
  5. James plans his vacation well in advance and never leaves uncompleted tasks behind.
  6. Marta exceeds expectations in arriving on time for conferences and business meetings.
  7. Hayden completes most of her tasks way ahead of schedule.
  8. Alex helps colleagues to plan their daily workload and remain as productive as it is possible.
  9. Stephen clocks in at least ten minutes early every day.
  10. Tom sets an example with his perfect attendance.
  11. Teresa often outperforms other members of the team thanks to her excellent attendance and punctuality.
  12. Jeremy develops good scheduling plans that heavily improve his effectiveness.
  13. Instead of showing who works the longest, Lenny’s demonstration is to rely on the secret to success of who works the smartest. It is because Lenny is also one of top employees for attendance and reliability.
  14. Edward pays scrupulous attention for punctuality, which helps him to promptly deal with unexpectedsituations and meet even the short-notice deadlines.
  15. Patrick’s dependability, punctuality and commitment make him one of the most valuable employees of thecompany.
  16. Bill manages his employees to a great attendance score which shows frequency among the top performers in the company for on-time arrivals.
  17. Jane strictly follows the plan and assists her co-workers to do the same.
  18. Phil appreciates his employees who express respect for him in compliance with schedule and tasks.

Exceeds Requirements/More than Satisfactory:

  1. Tamara consistently performs her projects in time
  2. Michael is always at his workplace by the start of his shift.
  3. Jennifer does not mind to work extra hours and arrive ahead of schedule in order to complete her job in time.
  4. Samantha is very punctual and productive. She has never been late.
  5. Mike starts and ends meetings according to the schedule, making them productive and effective.
  6. Julia is very enthusiastic and passionate for her job. She goes to work early and leaves on time. She never lets being talked on for punctuality at work.
  7. George is highly punctual and there are no concerns with his attendance.
  8. Caroline leaves home early on inclement days to make sure she arrives at work on time.
  9. Terry is never late to meetings and he always performs his tasks in time.
  10. Phillip comes back from lunch on time and stays productive up to the very end of the workday.
  11. Natalia is rarely absent and very punctual, which makes her one of the best employees in the company.
  12. Sara is well aware of the impact that missing work might have on her colleagues and the company itself.
  13. Peter never makes others wait, arriving at meetings on time and finishing his part of the job according to deadlines.
  14. Bill is great at planning his schedule so he never misses deadlines.
  15. Brian arrives at work early and returns from breaks on time.
  16. Tony demonstrates an amazing work attendance record.
  17. Emma has zero problems with attendance so we can fully rely on her.

Meets Expectations/Satisfactory:

  1. John always arrives at work on time.
  2. Jane follows her work schedule every day.
  3. Greg thoroughly complies with the attendance policy of our company.
  4. Jeremy understands that coming to work on time is one of his duties and he is willing to perform it.
  5. In this year, Monica has missed only one day due to sickness.
  6. Piper turns up to work on time and carries out her responsibilities without constant supervision.
  7. Jeff takes breaks only when scheduled and does not waste time during the workday.
  8. Jim attends every days to deal with responsibilities.
  9. We can rely on John. He has no problems with attendance.
  10. Greg is given more money for his attention to punctuality. he always arrives on time.
  11. Holly gives thoughtful care to others when scheduling time off.
  12. We can depend and rely on Joe.
  13. Tim always finishes his deadlines on time with his projects.
  14. John pays attention to manage his schedule and to work well with time scheduled to him during the week.
  15. Kelly always expresses performance of punctuality at the start of each work day.
  16. Sheila maintains a good schedule and is a reliable employee.
  17. Jim is always on time; ready to work when his shift begins and punctual returning from his lunch break.

Provisional/Needs Improvement:

  1. Despite a decent attendance record, Peter leaves the workplace earlier than he should. This damages theproductiveness of the entire team.
  2. Greg tries to improve time management skills and fix punctuality issues, but he fails to do it so far.
  3. Jim often goes to work late and comes up with excuses. We don’t need excuses, we only need improvement. But can he do that?
  4. Jennifer is not a good employee in the matter of time. Turning up late, being late at meetings, leaving work soon… no matter how talented she is, we should talk to her right away.
  5. I think there is a problem with Tim. He is frequently late at work but leaves soon. What’s the matter. We should talk to him about his schedule.
  6. John frequently gives reasons for his late arrival times For example, he said that he had a traffic jam in his travel time.
  7. John does not often work following with a typical work day. This causes meetings to start late. Therefore, others’ schedules are affected. He has to follow schedule in order to help her coworkers.
  8. We can rely on John with his most of the time. Although we occasionally have an issue, John should continue to improve his punctuality.
  9. Kyle uses most of the time to perform his schedule reliably and continues to improve his punctuality although we occasionally have an issue.
  10. Hayden has a frivolous attitude to attendance, which negatively affects her productiveness.
  11. Donald takes breaks too often.
  12. John is frequently late for work during the winter months and give out unsatisfactory reasons into his schedule.
  13. Tom is continually late for work and must improve his attendance record in order to comply with company policy.
  14. Jim is often tardy at the beginning of his work shift and consistently late returning from lunch.


  1. Jennifer fails to show up to work on time. Sometimes she does not arrive at all.
  2. John’s lack of punctuality negatively affects many aspects of his work.
  3. Rachel has not met attendance goals set after the previous performance review.
  4. Jane does not attend on time at the start of the workday does not follow the scheduled exit time.
  5. John is often late for work but he fails to give out satisfactory reasons why.
  6. Monica has a terrible habit of being late to office because she have problems with time management.
  7. Kyle’s attendance does not comply with the standards of the company.
  8. Maria’s punctuality is below any expectations. She always arrives at work later than other employees do.
  9. Ross does not respect the time of colleagues since he is always late for team meetings.
  10. Jeremy has troubles dealing with tight deadlines.
  11. John does not prompt to work, even though she is warned many times, He does not comply with the attendance policy.
  12. Other employees feel unpleased to Paul who affects them when their shifts are ending. Because he demonstrates disrespects them by showing up late from time to time.
  13. Sheila is an unreliable worker and is often late to work.


The sample of performance review phrases for attendance is a great/helpful tool for periodical/annual job performance appraisal. Note that, an attendance review phrase can be positive or negative and your performance review can be effective or bad/poor activity for your staffs.

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