Performance review mistakes

Performance review mistakes

1. Being over-tolerant

Some managers tend to be friend with their employees to keep the relations at work. They may tolerate some mistakes of the employees, or only give certain criticism or faint comments on the basis of maintaining good working spirit. That is, however, a bad behavior which may lead to the continued failure of the employees and the mangers themselves. The managers are responsible for the whole team performance, and if you are tolerating anyone, which means you are the one who shall take direct responsibilities for the poor performance while the employees are free of every charge. In addition, such a satisfactory appraisal shall make it more difficult to deal with continues behavior like that in the future.

2. Letting biases cover your mind

People are subject to biases, preferences of something to something. No matter how you say it, biases exist everywhere and now and you live with them. Every decision you made is under the sphere of your biases. But, it is important to acknowledge your biases and work it out for you instead of letting it affect your subjective opinions.

3. Not preparing adequately

How do you expect to conduct a great performance appraisal if you don’t prepare carefully before hand. The employees will surely do that, and if you don’t, then you are at the wrong end of the stick. Prepare some appropriate feedbacks to send to your employees.

4. Not being aware of the Halo/Horn effects

Halo/horn effects are when you subject your opinions to the halo (favorable) or horn (unfavorable) characteristics of the employees. For example, the employee may look silly or tend to be late at work, and you hate that. You may not notice, but if you are thinking of such characteristics, you are letting unwanted subjective opinions get to you.

5. Not following up

It is such an easy task to send a feedback, a reply or thanks after the performance appraisal, so why not doing so whereas it may help strengthen the relationship at work. So, don’t forget to send a quick email after the review or stop by the employees’ table to talk or chat with them about the event and result.

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