Performance review marketing specialist

You can do performance review of Marketing specialist based on competencies below:

Marketing specialist skills

1. Possess ability to analyze multiple data points and base on the results to develop comprehensible hypotheses.
2. Work with high motivation and high responsibility by accomplishing multi-tasks and responding to variances of work activities in short duration.
3. Good at using Microsoft office including Excel, Word, etc. Besides high proficiency with analysis modules.
4. Possess strong skills in project management and organization.
5. Fluently in using several languages and particularly communicate in verbal and in writing.
6. Work independently and effectively work as team member, familiarize with complex and ambiguous work environment.
7. Decidedly in one orientation to be able to maintain a high level of ownership and accuracy on aspects of work performance.
8. Have capability to strengthen and extend solid working relationship among teams, to be consistent with common disciplines with kind of people in different regions.


Marketing research (gathering and analyzing data about the industry);
Marketing campaigns development (providing direction and guidelines to staff members of the marketing department);
Marketing materials development (work with the creative team on creating branding ideas and graphic design);
Exploring media channels (identifying the best ways to deliver the company’ message to customers);
Evaluation of marketing performance (tracking and monitoring marketing processes in order to identify the course of action according to the results).


Impeccable understanding of the basic marketing strategies;
Proven experience in the area of marketing data analysis;
Willingness to create modern and efficient marketing strategies;
Bachelor’s degree in a field related to marketing.

Performance Review phrases

Positive phrases:

  1. Jack has developed a number of highly successful marketing campaigns.
  2. Rachel thoroughly understands elements of both traditional and digital marketing.
  3. Michael has managed to increase the efficiency of the marketing department.
  4. Emma is an exceptional public speaker. She is able to sell any product to anyone.
  5. Ronald plays a major role in brainstorming sessions by constantly providing good marketing ideas.

Negative phrases:

  1. Thomas lacks analytical skills to become a marketing specialist.
  2. Craig is not effective at developing marketing plans. His ideas simply do not work.
  3. Robert has led our company to many bad marketing decisions.
  4. Sandra does not present marketing reports on time.
  5. Trevor uses outdated media channels that do not attract new customers.

Soft/management skills

You can ref more review phrases samples of Marketing specialist competencies below by clicking links that you want to:

1. Goals-setting

2. Management style

3. Interpersonal skills

4. Dependability

5. Cooperation

6. Attitude

7. Initiative

8. Creativity

9. Teamwork

10. Problem solving

11. Critical-thinking

12. Quality of work

13. Communication

14. Time management


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