Performance review marketing officer

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You can do performance review of Marketing officer based on competencies below:

Marketing officer skills

1. Possess good verbal and written communication skills.

2. Have high sense of responsibility and positive thoughts.

3. Make careful in work performance.

4. Have solid opinion and decision making ability to solve a variety of challenges.

5. Work under high pressure, have suitable methods for stress solving in work.

6. Have insight of changing marketing policies.

7. Up to date knowledge of latest technologies and market trends in order to familiarize with them.

8. Have ability to work independent and teamwork skills.

9. Have good presentation and interpersonal communication skills.

10. Have ability to convince clients.


  • The direct involvement in the implementation of marketing strategies;
  • Planning and management of the marketing department projects;
  • Assisting the marketing team in the organization of promotional events (promoting a business at exhibitions and trade shows);
  • Developing and distributing media releases and other marketing materials (including posters, leaflets, and advertisements in a variety of mass media).
  • Conducting market analysis on a regular basis to determine new promotion opportunities;
  • Participation in development of a marketing budget.


  • A proven track record in marketing planning and budgeting;
  • Perfect understanding of marketing processes;
  • High leadership qualities and interpersonal abilities;
  • Impeccable knowledge of marketing software;
  • Good analytical and statistical skills.

Performance Review phrases

Positive phrases:

  1. Gwen has helped our company to double the sales.
  2. Arthur is always aware of the current situation on the market.
  3. Michael has amazing presentation skills. He is able to sell anything to anyone.
  4. Jennifer has a very creative state of mind. He develops amazing marketing campaigns.
  5. Emma keeps an eye on our competitors to make sure that our products and marketing stand out.

Negative phrases:

  1. Jeremy has a bad job analyzing our marketing strategies.
  2. Thomas rarely conducts marketing researches.
  3. Robert does not know anything about market trends and competitors.
  4. Susan lacks leadership qualities to be a good marketing officer.
  5. Rachel does knot know how to sell our products.

Soft/management skills

You can ref more review phrases samples of Marketing officer competencies below by clicking links that you want to:

1. Goals-setting

2. Management style

3. Interpersonal skills

4. Dependability

5. Cooperation

6. Attitude

7. Initiative

8. Creativity

9. Teamwork

10. Problem solving

11. Critical-thinking

12. Quality of work

13. Communication

14. Time management

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