Performance review marketing assistant

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You can do performance review of Marketing assistant based on competencies below:

I. Marketing assistant skills

1. Have a thorough knowledge of new technologies and ability of applying to marketing principles.

2. Proficient in copyright and readjusting technical aspects for a broad range of audience.

3. Good at communication and presentation skills, finding out about market information and responding to questions from team of managers, members, clients and public.

4. Have ability to work independently and ability to handle self-driven projects efficiently.

5. Have ability to establish good performance and relations with all levels of employees.

6. Effective in solving problems, analyzing systems and data and giving initiatives to solutions.

7. Possess time management, prioritization and organizing skills.

8. Work under high pressure to complete deadlines of project and record the results in details.

9. To be self-motivated, determined and honest person.

II. Soft/management skills

You can ref more review phrases samples of Marketing assistant competencies below by clicking links that you want to:

1. Goals-setting

2. Management style

3. Interpersonal skills

4. Dependability

5. Cooperation

6. Attitude

7. Initiative

8. Creativity

9. Teamwork

10. Problem solving

11. Critical-thinking

12. Quality of work

13. Communication

14. Time management

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