Performance review key strengths

Performance review is a frequent and important task conducted in every organization. It helps enhancing the overall performance of the organization, improving the qualification of employees, and resolving immediate mistakes or failures within the organization. It is also helpful for human resource policy of the company in such aspects as recruitment, promotion, demotion, remuneration …. So, what are key points to be considered in a performance review, or key strengths expected from an employee?

1. Teamwork:

Teamwork within the organization is one of the greatest attributes to its success, and it is also a critical criterion in any performance review. The employees shall be evaluated how well they build up and maintain cooperative relationship with others in the organization? How cooperative they are in helping others? And how effective they are in working within groups? Anyone who lacks this skill shall be required immediate actions by the company;

2. Customer satisfaction:

An external criterion but closely linking to the internal performance review. As customers are vital to any organization, the staff performance shall be reflected by customer satisfaction.

3. Adaptability:

An employee is expected to have problem solving skill or adaptability to situations. He must know how to react in certain circumstances or how to handle specific problems when it falls within or outside of his duties. This is a criterion to be evaluated in performance review.

4. Initiative at work:

Initiative means creative, that’s what makes a truly valuable employee, who is potential to be promoted to higher position and expected to contribute more to the company. An employee is supposed to embrace new ideas freely and flexibly but not stick to old-school methods or procedures. He must be initiative to improve the overall performance.

5. People skill:

People skill or interpersonal skill is what needed in an employee. Good people skill means he can work well with many people, communicate well and be more effective in group working.

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