Performance review forms

Performance reviews can be prepared at any time throughout the year and should be conducted for each employee at least every 12 months.

Supervisor’s Role

Supervisors should provide guidance, coaching, and feedback to their staff throughout the year on job duties and responsibilities, performance goals and expectations, appraising the performance and future development opportunities.
At least once a year, the supervisor should summarize these discussions in writing using an Administrator or Staff Performance Review form. The goal of the performance review is to provide administrators and staff with feedback on their performance and accomplishments for the previous year. As a result of this process, they should have an understanding of their job responsibilities and supervisor’s performance expectations. Also, through this process specific action plans are determined which will allow the employee to achieve established performance goals.

Planning for the Performance Review

Before the Meeting
Before meeting with the employee, plan ahead. To assist in ensuring timely and complete preparation for the review process, a sample Performance Review Process Checklist and section by section guidelines on review form completion are available at:/employee_relations/performance_review_process.shtml.
This checklist can assist in laying out the process and can be adjusted to fit the needs of each individual circumstance. In addition, the following information and suggestions may be of assistance in the planning process:

  • Blank review forms are available at the following links: Performance Review Form – Administrator or Performance Review Form – Staff.
  • Advise the employee that performance reviews are being completed, set and communicate the dates of planned reviews, and communicate how the performance review process will be conducted.
  • Provide employees with a blank form, their current position description, and direction on completing a self-review.
  • Complete a draft review taking note of items in your departmental personnel file, including:
  • Documentation or notes of previous discussions
  • Last year’s performance review
  • Performance expectations and job description
  • Goals and objectives for the previous year
  • Letters of commendation or complaint
  • Any other information relevant to the staff member’s performance
  • Sample work products
  • Review the employee’s performance and prepare the appropriate Performance Review form, focusing on the entire year, not just recent events.
  • compare the employee’s actual performance to established expectations and the position description
  • view employees as individuals
  • determine strengths and weaknesses
  • Discuss the draft Performance Review with the next level supervisor, department head, and/or dean, as appropriate. Include any additional input, suggestions, and/or comments. No signatures at this time.
  • Finalize the draft Performance Review. This should include any changes to the position description, rationale for ratings, goals and expectations, and development plan ideas.

HR Business Partners from the Office of Human Resources are available to assist supervisors and employees in preparation for the Performance Review Process.

During the Meeting
Meet with the employee to conduct the performance review discussion on the predetermined date. This should be a two-way conversation starting with the discussion of the position description and ending with the employee’s comments. This meeting should also include:

  • Any additional comments added to supervisor’s copy of the review as appropriate which can be handwritten or included in a final draft;
  • Discussion of expectations for the upcoming year;
  • Joint determination of the development plan;
  • Employee comments and signature to the final version;
  • Your signature to the review as the supervisor.

After the Meeting

  • Obtain the signature of the next level supervisor on the final copy.
  • Send the review to the Office of Human Resources for inclusion with the employee personnel records.

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