Performance Review Form

Some people may claim that performance review form is too long for them to conduct a review over their employees, that it usually takes them hours to sort out the answer and to have a proper evaluation of what to be given in such lengthy form. Thu, maintaining a short review form, which should consist of one or two pages only, has become quite a trouble with managers. But this is quite possible if you know to comply with several certain tips, and one of them is to include only the most essential information in the form:

1. Strength:

First, specify several areas of strength, then provide a corresponding column for example (or for employees’ remark of the importance of their strengths); then, develop 6-8 job competency and relate them to each strength, supposed to be an expected behavior or performance at work. You may refer to sample competency model for this demonstration.

2. Area of Development:

In area of development, you may design 1-3 areas for the employees’ development (which you shall ask them to choose from). Specify what you expect from such area of development, the future contribution, the importance or added value of such area; then, relate that area with those competencies you have established.

3. Goal:

Goals are realized objectives of areas of development. Be S.M.A.R.T about goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely). And remember to follow with this formula whenever setting any goals.

4. Review previous goals or objectives:

It is also important to have a separate section to review goals and objectives which have been achieved in the past. Subjective judgment should be adopted here. Some modification or enhancement of goals/objectives should be performed, too, to set the priority for work again.

5. Name of the document:

It is a good idea to come up with interesting names for your performance review form. Don’t just directly use “Performance review form”, instead, why not try “Performance Map” or “Planning Map”, and so on. Such names can relieve the employees from stress of doing a review. Just try and you will see the result!

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