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An executive typically sets goals for an executive assistant based on the nature of the business and on his particular needs. In many ways, an executive assistant’s goals will mirror or be tied to projects and responsibilities of her supervisor or direct report. In setting these goals, an executive should take into consideration the assistant’s talents, abilities, time constraints and daily workload.

Step 1
Reference the executive assistant’s job description and pull out key responsibilities. Are there particular aspects of the job that can be tied to goal-setting? For example, if one of the assistant’s job responsibilities involves creating and maintaining a comprehensive database of clients and customers, one goal could involve creating a time line and methodology for completing this project.

Step 2
Evaluate the executive assistant’s daily job responsibilities and look for ways to set specific goals that arise from daily tasks. For example, if the assistant regularly corresponds with board members via fax memos, set a goal of creating more efficient e-mail communications; if the assistant regularly schedules conference calls, set a goal of developing a video conferencing system.

Step 3
Examine your goals and objectives as an executive. Are there particular aspects of your responsibilities that can be tied into the goals of your executive assistant? For example, if one of your goals is to create a five-year marketing strategy, one of your assistant’s goals could be researching the existing market and gathering statistics and market projections for your industry.

Step 4
Evaluate long-term projects and find ways to establish goals for completing various phases in certain time frames. For example, if a department goal is to launch a social media presence within the year, a goal for your executive assistant could involve developing categories for multiple-purpose social media pages.

Step 5
Consider long-range company goals and look for ways to tie into the executive assistant’s goals. For example, if the business wants to do away with all forms of paper communication in favor of electronic communication, an executive assistant goal could include scanning and saving pertinent documents or establishing a secure bulk shredding system.

Step 6
Invite your executive assistant to share his personal and professional goals. For example, he may want to participate in professional development seminars or training programs to further his knowledge about various aspects of her job. A goal derived from this could include completing a program or becoming certified in a new skill.

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