Performance review – customer services

You can do Performance review of customer services based on competencies as follows:

1. Knowledge and Skills

Where an employee knows much about his company’s services and products and about his job, he may give the best performance. An objective of a job performance appraisal is to identify whether the employee satisfies the requirements of knowledge about the job and company as well. In addition to knowledge, skill is another factor to take into account, especially in customer service job. The employee is required to have quite good skills in various aspects such as phone etiquette, interpersonal communication, and public relationship.

2. Quality and achievement

The quality of the work is another factor in performance appraisal. The manager must determine whether the employee’s quality of work satisfies the expectation: does he respond to customer’s needs in timely manner? Does he perform follow-ups after providing services to customers? These answers can be resolved by collecting opinions from other sources in the company.

3. Attitude

Service attitude is of the most importance when it comes to customer relation job. The employee is expected to demonstrate a friendly, close and professional manner when talking to customers or dealing with their requests. As for the job at switchboard, the manager may implement a supervisory software on phone calls to collect data and analyze the employee’s service attitude.

4. Attendance

No laziness may lead to productivity, loyalty or even high performance. If an employee frequently leaves work or spends break-time beyond the limited period, he may tend to be a lazy and inefficient at work. So, requirement of attendance should be communicated to every employee and specify the standards as well as discipline actions in case of lack of attendance. Attendance should also be another issue to be discusses in performance appraisal. Identify the root causes and discuss the solution.

5. Compliance

The employee is supposed to comply with the company bylaws, internal regulations, code of conduct and regulations of law. Therefore, performance appraisal shall also consider this factor of employees, whether he violates any rule or shows any non-compliance at work?

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The sample of performance review phrases for leadership is a great/helpful tool for periodical/annual job performance appraisal. Note that, leadership review phrase can be positive or negative and your performance review can be effective or bad/poor activities for your staffs.

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