Performance review comments for employees

It’s time for your annual employee review. Your supervisor calls you into her office and begins discussing your job performance for the past year. Now it’s your turn to write your employee comments on your appraisal, and you have no idea how to go about it. Writing meaningful employee feedback is an important part of the overall employee appraisal process, but commenting on a positive employee review is easier than responding to a negative review.

  1. Prepare for your annual employee appraisal throughout the year. Keep notes of your accomplishments and the goals that you have met so you can discuss them with your supervisor when it is time for your employee appraisal. Mark your calendar with a reminder at least one week in advance of your evaluation due date. Don’t be taken by surprise when your boss calls you in for your review. Take your notes with you to the meeting.
  2. Ask questions during your employee review. Clarify any ambiguous language written in your employee appraisal as you discuss the past year’s performance with your supervisor. In order to write meaningful comments in the appraisal document, you need to fully understand the objectives you have met and those that need improvement from your supervisor’s perspective. As Six Sigma Online states in an article on dealing with a bad performance review, “As an employee, you have a right to know what you are doing wrong.”
  3. Request to return your comments on the appraisal document the following day. Think about the employee performance rating you have been given and about the discussion you had with your boss during your evaluation meeting. Although employee comments on appraisal documents are generally optional, you should not pass up an opportunity to comment on your review in this official forum.
  4. Write the most productive comments possible. If your supervisor has recommended that you attend training, acknowledge your agreement to do so. Keep your emotions in check, even if you are upset about something that was said in your employee review. Write your response in a professional tone, and stay on point if you are responding to specific issues.
  5. Thank your supervisor or employer for the opportunities afforded to you during the previous year. State your performance goals and any expectations you may have regarding additional responsibilities you hope to take on. If you have received a positive review, now is your opportunity to officially state your interest in a promotion within the department.

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