Performance review answers examples

It is not much of an enjoyable experience for an employee to sit in a performance appraisal and discuss directly with his employer. Facing with questions regarding his own strong and weak points and the possibility of being criticized for his poor performance, the employee may find it hard to handle such a situation. So, in order to get over this meeting but ensure a good outcome, one should prepare very carefully what he is going to say to the employer:

1. Explain to the employer that he has been trying his hard to improve his performance:

The employer tends to favor those who pay effort to their job seriously. As one may do his job excellently does not mean that he no longer needs to improve the performance. One has to show the employer that he is willing to learn from failure and improve his performance;

2. Tell the employer about various means one has adopted to improve his working skills:

A good employee always works to improve himself. He not only relies on training sessions held by his company, but also knows to adopt various manners to update his knowledge and improve his skills and abilities. That’s make a valuable employee. So, when one is talking to his employer, he should state various methods of improving himself;

3. Show the interest in training:

One should make the employer know that he is always willing to participate in training activities of the company, that he is not a dull person who only knows of present but plans for future as well; one should tell the employer of his initiatives at work, too;

4. Talk about accomplishments and how much contribution one has made to the company:

There is no better way to make such a performance review easier for you than talking about your accomplishment and contribution. Positive things shall lead to positive review and as a result, positive consideration. For example, if you have helped with preventing a loyal customer from switching to another brand for a certain reason, why not boast about it to the employer?

5. Discuss the future goals with the employer:

Each employee is expected to be a visioner, too. Not only he must know of present activities of the company, he must understand future objectives of his organization as well. That’s the spirit of an employee who has desire to take over more responsibilities and worked toward higher success of his own organization. And that is never a minus to your overall review outcome. So, why not raise this topic?

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