Key strengths for performance review

Searching for and finding employees whose values and work ethic match those of the organization can be a challenge for hiring managers. What attributes make an exceptional employee? There are some essential employee strengths that are sought after by employers, regardless of industry. Finding and developing these essential strengths employers desire can drastically increase your chances of finding and keeping a job.


One of the most mentioned strengths sought after by employers is the ability to speak, listen and write effectively. Communication only occurs when the listener understands the message, and an essential part of communication is effective listening. While many people can speak fluently, good listeners are rare. An effective communicator presents a clear and concise message that is easily understood by listeners or readers.

Work Ethic

Diligence and hard work are some of the factors that make up a strong work ethic. An employer does not want someone who is there simply to draw a paycheck. An employee with a strong work ethic knows he is there to perform a job to the best of his ability, and he will not require constant supervision. Idleness or laziness are frowned upon by employers, and can lead to employee termination. An employee with a strong work ethic will be self-motivated and always strive for improvement.

Decision Making

Employers need employees who can work out problems and make decisions on their own. Supervisors do not have time to constantly give guidance and direction. By employing critical thinking skills, an employee can weigh the pros and cons of a situation and provide a workable solution to a problem with a minimum amount of supervision or direction from his superiors. Employees with superior decision-making skills save their employers time and money. Become involved in projects that help you develop critical judgment skills to increase your decision-making capabilities.

Computer Literacy

Computer literacy is a necessity in today’s business settings. Employees with strengths in technology are highly sought after. All potential employees should have at least a basic literacy level in word processing, spreadsheets and other software programs. You can brush up on your technology skills by enrolling in one of the readily available classes offered by many software companies. You can also find evening extension and online courses in computer technology offered by universities.

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