90 day performance review form

Managers are typically used to rating employees over the course of a year and providing an annual appraisal. For most employees, annual feedback is appropriate, but exceptions exist when employee performance cannot go unsupervised for a year. In cases where the employee is new, earlier feedback is critical to help the employee understand what she is doing well and what should be improved before it becomes a habit. An employee whose performance is lacking can also benefit from a 90-day performance review to establish if she is meeting company expectations.

  1. Review the goals, objectives and expectations set for the employee and determine if his performance over the previous 90 days met the accepted standards. Identify the areas the employee has excelled—as well as the areas improvement is required and develop a preliminary rough draft of the ratings you plan to assign.
  2. Ask the employee to evaluate her own performance—completing the self-evaluation form if there is one—and compare the results of the employee’s evaluation against your preliminary ratings. If significant discrepancies exist, ask the employee to meet with you to discuss the self-evaluation. Ask the employee to explain why she gave each rating. Encourage the employee to submit any supporting documentation—such as emails or letters of commendation to justify the employee’s ratings.
  3. Write the formal evaluation—including the final ratings based on consideration of your draft review and the employee’s feedback. Submit the draft review to your manager for review and verbal approval before issuing it to the employee.
  4. Meet with the employee in a private location, such as your office or a conference room to discuss the performance review. Allow enough time to fully discuss the issues and provide feedback without feeling rushed. Listen to the employee’s position and ask for feedback on how he believes he can meet the expectations of the job going forward.
  5. Set specific, measurable goals and objectives for the future in conjunction with the employee. Determine the projects the employee will be assigned to work on and identify the next performance review date. Sign and date the review document and have the employee sign and date the form as well.

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