Weighted checklist form


Weighted checklist form

How to design a weighted checklist form for your performance appraisal? Following the below guidance:

1. Identify which questions you should ask:

Consider what do you expect of the employee’s performance and articulate those in the questions you would like to ask:

• If the employee may be willing to work overtime whenever necessary.

• If the employee is expected to ensure the well-organization of the workplace.

• If the employee is expected to be a listener.

• If the employee is expected to be cooperative and helpful at work.

• If the employee is able to plan ahead before starting the work.

2. Design the checklist table:

• A typical checklist table shall include of 5 columns: Number, content of the question, Yes, No, and the weight/importance level of the answer.

• You may use benchmarking to decide the importance level for each question.

• Then, deliver the form to employees.

• Collect the answers, summarize and analyze.

You can ref more review forms at: Performance review templates.

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