Staff performance review form


Staff performance review form
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I. Contents of staff performance review form
Annual performance reviews are a key component of employee development. UT Policy HR0129, Performance Review, specifies that the objective of the annual review is to provide all regular University staff and their supervisors an opportunity to:
  • Discuss job performance
  • Set goals for professional development
  • Establish objectives for contributing to the department’s mission
  • Discuss expectations and accomplishments
The annual performance review objectives listed above may be accomplished through the following process flow and use of documents:
1. Supervisor schedules annual performance review meeting with employee
2. Employee completes a self-evaluation
Supplemental Forms:
Self-Evaluation Form
Staff Performance Report and Development Form
3. Supervisor reviews completed forms and then completes the 2014 Performance Review Summary Form to provide assessment of employee’s performance *Required*
Supplemental Forms:
Supervisory Addendum Form
Peer 360-Degree Review Form
4. Supervisor submits completed evaluation forms to next level of administration/supervision for review prior to individual meetings with employees
5. Supervisor reviews approved/completed 2014 Performance Review Summary Form with employee during annual performance review meeting
6. Together, supervisor and employee establish Goals and Objectives for the next review period
Supplemental Forms:
Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) *Required for employees with Final PR Ratings of 9 or below*
Goals and Objectives Form
Individual Development Plan (IDP)
7. Employee and supervisor sign 2014 Performance Review Summary Form.
8. Supervisor submits 2014 Performance Review Summary Form with any attachments to next level of administration for review and signature.
9. Supervisor sends 2014 Performance Review Summary Form with any attachments (signed by the employee, supervisor, and next level of administration) to Human Resources by March 31st
10. Supervisor provides signed copy of 2014 Performance Review Summary Form to employee and retains copy in departmental files for reference during interim and annual performance review meetings

II. Useful materials for staff performance review form
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