Probationary performance review

The Performance Review is an integral part of the Performance Management process, and a tool to enhance communication between the employee and the manager or supervisor. The Performance Review provides the opportunity to develop a mutual understanding of expectations and responsibilities. It also provides guidance and support for professional development and overall improvement.
The frequency of the performance review is based on employee status:

  • Probationary employees must have job performance reviewed more than once while they are on probation (as specified by the collective bargaining agreement).
  • Permanent employees receive annual reviews, based on performance during the fiscal year.
  • Employees in temporary positions receive annual reviews, based on performance during the fiscal year.

Additional reviews may be completed if the department’s administrator decides it is necessary.

Probationary employees are those hired into permanent positions (indicated as “indefinite” on the hiring paperwork), and placed on probationary status for a period of time (usually one year). The probationary period is the time of service that must be completed before obtaining permanent status. After the probationary period has been successfully completed, the employee receives notification that he/she has been granted permanent status. Employees in temporary positions do not have a probationary period, and the hiring paperwork always has an ending date for the appointment. Their appointment letter also states that they have been hired into a “temporary position with no permanent status granted”. Note that Unit 4 and Management Personnel Plan (MPP) employees utilize different review forms than the other bargaining units.

Original Performance Review forms are kept in the official personnel files in Staff Human Resources. Employees should receive a copy of their review during the performance review meeting with their supervisor.

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