Positive performance review comments

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If you are in charge of other employees, you may need to evaluate their performance. We are going to look at some areas of competency and positive words associated with them.

Positive Evaluation

If you are a direct supervisor or boss, you may have difficulty in assessing the different areas of an employee’s job. Some of the areas to assess are:

dependability, computer skills, adaptability, people skills, personal qualities, dedication, creativity, personal development, and organizational skills.

Here are some positive words for evaluating employees in each category:

  • Dependability: meets deadlines, is responsible, is reliable, always successful
  • Computer skills: is efficient and/or comfortable on the computer, effectively uses online sources, has advanced computer skills
  • Adaptability: can perform a variety of duties, handles many situations with ease, is comfortable with change
  • People Skills: is very cooperative, works in harmony with others, adds to a positive environment
  • Personal Qualities: has an even temperament, avoids confrontations, handles stress well, stays calm under high-pressure situations, is sincere, has composure under dire circumstances
  • Dedication: Shows pride in job, displays loyalty and honesty, perseveres and achieves goals
  • Creativity: welcomes new ideas, is willing to change, develops new ideas and strategies, is not bothered by ambiguity
  • Personal Development: eagerly attends professional development classes, shows a desire to improve job skills, sets personal goals
  • Organizational Skills: has a systematic method, gets the job done, highly organized, excels at planning, can distinguish between productive and nonproductive tasks.

Evaluating Supervisors

If you are the head of a department or are otherwise in charge of supervisors, you may need to evaluate employees whose jobs include the supervision of workers. Areas to evaluate include:

  • Evaluation Skills: accurately, and without bias, assesses job performance, measures potential of employees
  • Administration Skills: manages costs effectively, handles details personally, has advanced skills in records management, has established trust with workers, can delegate appropriately
  • Leadership: shows authority, gains respect and confidence, has the support and respect of workers, establishes a feeling of teamwork, is fair and firm
  • Management: is a strong asset to the company, handles crises well, instigates change smoothly, supports and leads team members, brings out the best in his workers, promotes a feeling of harmony and fairness
  • Interpersonal Skills: acknowledges the needs and concerns of others, promotes a positive working environment, has loyal and committed workers, manages different personalities, is tactful and sincere
  • Team Skills: encourages team members to participate in problem solving, utilizes the skills of each team member, enhances productivity

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