Performance review wording

Few entrepreneurs are skilled or have any training in writing performance comments, much less ones that are useful to both the reviewer and the staff member. Even if the business owner has taken on the task of reviewing employee performance before, it can be a struggle to find appropriate performance review phrases that hit the mark – especially if there is more than one to do in succession. Try taking some of these performance comments and tailoring them to the staff member’s specific needs and situation, be it positive or negative.

Administration Performance Comments

  • Creates and/or maintains effective record retention systems and/or policies;
  • Does not involve management in necessary or unnecessary administrative details;
  • Is skilled or needs work with performing routine records management tasks;
  • Gives attention to legal, tax, and/or business needs with regards to records management.

Communication Skills Performance Review Phrases

  • Excels, good or needs work with effective, positive and/or constructive communication skills;
  • Ensures meetings are action-oriented;
  • Is an empathetic, caring, and/or attentive listener;
  • Communicates effectively with coworkers, staff, peers, customers, managers, supervisors, clients and/or the media.

Creativity Performance Review Comments

  • Demonstrates creative problem solving/troubleshooting/communication skills;
  • Is open and receptive to feedback and/or ideas from management;
  • Shows willingness, ability and/or frustration with/to change;
  • Nurtures new and/or positive ideas creativity.

Improvement Performance Review Phrases

  • Looks ahead for continuous improvement;
  • Uses constructive criticism effectively and appropriately;
  • Creates and/or meets goals for improvement of sales, profits, productivity and/or performance targets;
  • Shows increased or diminished potential for advancement or improvement.

Interpersonal Skills Performance Comments

  • Excels or shows promise with other staff, managerial or supervisory relations;
  • Reviews and/or recognizes the needs of others during routine and/or special projects;
  • Understands how to create and/or nurture positive working relationships with coworkers, clients, management and/or customers;
  • Promotes harmony, communication, understanding, knowledge and/or policy appropriately.

Leadership Performance Review Phrases

  • Is a natural, intuitive, strong, confident and/or respectful leader;
  • Inspires, demands and/or creates respect and/or confidence amongst their peers;
  • Demonstrates natural ability to gain the support of clients, managers, coworkers or customers;
  • Shows appreciation for other staff member contributions regularly and/or repeatedly;
  • Has become a powerful or invaluable asset to the company and/or team.

Professionalism Performance Comments

  • Seeks out, develops and/or maintains the necessary background, credentialling, skills or knowledge to stay on top of professional requirements and/or relationships;
  • Able to create long-lasting professional relationships that benefit the company;
  • Verbal and/or written communication skills demonstrate professionalism;
  • Projects an air of professionalism, authority and/or poise with all or some business relationships.

Stress Management Performance Review Phrases

  • Manages multiple stressors from superiors and/or subordinates with ease, success and/or assistance;
  • Maintains professionalism or coolness amidst stressful conditions;
  • Handles crisis situations with strength, composure and/or leadership.

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